Social Studies

Self Harm

 ImageParents who feel their child has become troubled or withdrawn may be worried that they are self-harming as a cry for help.

It helps to look at the meaning of self harm as it can cover a range of things that people do to themselves in a deliberate and harmful way. These can include:

cutting - burning - scalding - head banging - hair pulling - self poisoning or overdosing.

By injuring themselves, children and young people are asserting a form of self control on their life which they feel is otherwise chaotic and meaningless.

Communicating with your teen

There can be a lot of fun and enjoyment in living with teenager, but there can also be some very tough times, as most parents will agree. Communication is important - during both the good and the tough times.

To go about improving communication between you and your child you can cultivate the following habits:

Make time together

- At least one meal a day could be a family meal - they may complain, but don't give up! Research shows that eating together is an important way of cementing family relationships.

- If you can, use flexi-time arrangements to be at home when your child gets in from school one day each week.


ImageWhat do chocolate bars, jellybeans, caramels, lollipops, and licorice all have in common? Answer: They’re all types of candy.


Candy is one of the world’s most popular sweet-tasting foods. Sugar is the main ingredient in most candy. Other ingredients, such as honey, are sometimes used as sweeteners.

Many other ingredients are used in different candies. They include milk, eggs, flour, nuts, fruit, and flavorings such as vanilla and peppermint. The kinds of candy made are nearly endless!


David Copperfield

Can you fly like a bird by saying certain words? Or change ordinary metals into gold with a potion? Or cause a rainstorm by dancing in a special way? Of course not—that would be magic!


Long ago, before science developed, most people believed in magic. They thought supernatural forces connected different parts of the world. They believed some people, called sorcerers and witches, had magical powers. They could use special chants, spells, or charms to call on supernatural forces and make wonderful—or terrible—things happen.


ImageDo you like chocolate? Most people do. Chocolate is one of the most loved foods in the world. It’s used in cake, fudge, cookies, ice cream, hot cocoa, and candy bars. It’s eaten with nuts or raisins or any number of other things. You can even buy chocolate-covered grasshoppers!

But chocolate isn’t just candy. Chocolate is used in cooking, too. In Mexico, chocolate is an ingredient in mole sauce, which is often served with chicken. Chocolate-flavored chicken! Can you imagine that?

And chocolate isn’t naturally sweet. It’s bitter. Sugar has to be added to make sweet treats out of pure chocolate.