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Sports and Entertainment


ImageImagine riding a surfboard down your block. That’s exactly what inspired early skateboarders.

In the 1950s, people made their own skateboards. They removed the handlebars from scooters or attached boards to roller skates. Then they enjoyed an activity called sidewalk surfing, in which riders tried to capture the feeling of riding a wave.

They didn’t know it at the time, but these early skaters were inventing a new sport that would become popular around the world. Today, this sport goes by the name of skateboarding.

Olympic Games

ImageEvery four years, athletes from around the world come together to compete in the Olympic Games. Do you know why this event is called the Olympics? The games were first held at Olympia in ancient Greece. The ancient Olympic Games honored the Greek god Zeus. Today, the Olympic Games are held in different cities around the world.


We know that the ancient Olympics began as far back as 776 bc. That’s when the Greeks began keeping records of the winners. The ancient Games continued until about ad 392, more than 1,000 years!


Image“Take your marks!” the starter calls. Eight swimmers crouch down on their starting blocks. They wait in silence, staring at the smooth, gleaming water. Suddenly, a loud horn screeches through the arena. The swimmers leap forward, diving into the water with power and grace. The race has begun.

Thanks to the Olympic Games, millions of people have watched the exciting starts of swimming races. But swimming is not only a competitive sport. It is also a popular activity that people of all ages enjoy for keeping fit and having fun. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It improves blood circulation and builds strong muscles.


ImageWhat would you guess is the most popular team sport in the world?

Baseball? Basketball or football? No way. The answer is soccer, a sport played in almost every country in the world. It doesn’t have a lot of rules or call for much equipment. All you need is an open space and a ball.