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TEST 52 - A letter

Read the texts that follow. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answer choices are given below each of the sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

 Questions refer to the following letter.

Challenge Media
40, Rue de Suez
13004 Marseille France


Patrice Lerch
Healthy Cereals, Inc.
9, rue Ronchaux
25000 Besancon France

Dear Ms. Lerch:                                                                                April 5, 20__

We received your request to   with our Marseille newspaper group and are pleased to offer you a full-page spread in three of our papers for the week of April 19. The Marseille Sun is a daily paper with distribution in Marseille and surrounding areas. The Circle and The Marseille Bite are our two local weekly papers. All three of   papers cater to middle-class families and business workers.

Challenge Media charges one flat fee for advertising in all three papers. As well as full-page spreads, you can purchase additional 2-inch squares of advertising in our classified section of The Marseille Sun. These options   in the price we have quoted you. Please see our website for further information on our classified section (

To confirm your order, please call our advertising department at before next Friday.

Thank you for choosing Challenge Media for all of your advertising needs.

 annie chateau
Annie Chateau, Managing Director