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TEST 8 - An advertisement


Read the texts on the following pages. You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences. Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given. Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text.


Byfords Books Annual Sale Coming!
Byfords Books is pleased to___(1)_____ its annual discount sale, starting at 10 a.m. on January 20th.
                                    1.   A. renounce
                                          B. denounce
                                          C. announce
                                          D. determine
Take a look at just some of the bargains you could ____(2)______.
                                                                        2.         A. occur
                                                                                    B. drop
                                                                                    C. pick
                                                                                    D. pick up
Bestseller fiction:
Paperbacks - 20% off last year's top-selling books
Hardcover - 30% off last year's top-selling books.
Buy two "Blue Star" books and get a third completely ___(3)______ of charge!
                                                                               3.  A. lack
                                                                                    B. absent
                                                                                    C. best
                                                                                    D. free
Biographies -10% off all books (hardcover and paperback editions)
Business -15% off
Buy two "Red Star" books and get a third for half price.
Damaged books (ask to see our collection): Up to 50% off a wide range of titles.
Come along and treat yourself to those books you've been wanting to buy.
** Offers do not ___(4)_____ to textbooks or periodicals.**
            4.  A. apply
                  B. concern
                  C. offer
                  D. acknowledge


a)  renounce
b)  denounce
c)  announce
d)  determine
a)  occur
b)  drop
c)  pick
d)  pick up
a)  lack
b)  absent
c)  best
d)  free
a)  apply
b)  concern
c)  offer
d)  acknowledge