TEST 5 - A memo

Read the texts on the following pages. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answer choices are given below each of these sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text.

To:    All Staff
From:    Personnel
Re:    Upcoming Vacancies
Date:    September 30th
This is just to  everyone that with the decision to open a third branch, we will be needing to increase our staff by at least 30. We will be advertising in the Daily Herald this coming Friday. We would also like to ask  staff if they know of any suitable candidates who would be interested in joining the Greyford Team. If you know of someone who could make a useful addition to Greyford, please ask them 
to  copies of their résumés. We value your input on our hiring decisions since it is important to us  that we maintain the current harmony and level of cooperation we  here at Greyford.

Thank you.