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SAT - Grid-ins - Test 7

Solve the problem and enter the calculated result to the text box.

1. In a test a student got a mark of 49. His report card showed that he had scored 70 per cent. What was the maximum mark on the test?

2. What is the largest odd number that is a factor of 860 ?

3. A school charity sale raised $4800. One quarter of this was taken to cover expenses. Three quarters of the remainder was given to Charity A and the remainder to Charity B. How much did B receive? (Ignore the dollar sign when entering your answer).

4. A drycleaner charges $2 for up to 3 pounds in weight of clothes, and 30 cents per pound or part thereof up to a maximum weight of 10 pounds per load. What is the cost in dollars of cleaning six and a half pounds of clothes?

5. If x > 0 , and x² - 6x - 7 = 0 , what is the value of x ?

6. The diameter of circle A is one quarter the diameter of circle B. The area of circle B is how many times greater than the area of circle A ?

7. Three apples and five oranges cost 85cents, and five apples and three oranges cost 83 cents. How much will it cost to buy one apple and one orange?

8. A bag contains 2 red, 5 blue and 8 white beads. If one bead is drawn from the bag what is the probablity that it is red or white?

9. The shape above is to be cut out and folded along the dotted lines to form a cubic die. Dots are to be added to faces A, B and C so that the numbers of dots on opposite faces add up to 7. How many dots should appear on face A ?

10. The median of a set of 10 consecutive integers is 3.5. What is the greatest of these 10 integers?