SAT - Grid-ins - Test 6

Solve the problem and enter the calculated result to the text box.

1. A teacher wants to make a test containing 20 verbal and 30 math questions. Each verbal question is to be allotted 45 seconds to complete and each math question is to be given 1 minute 20 seconds. How many minutes should she allow for the whole test?

2. On a map 1 centimeter represents 100,000 centimeters. What is the length of a road in kilometers that measures 2.9 centimeters on the map?

3. A right triangle has perimeter 12 and sides x, (x + 1) and (x + 2). What is the area of the triangle?

4. A palindrome is a number which reads the same backwards as forwards (for example 101). What is the next greatest palindrome after 3443 ?

5. Chen donates 15 percent of his current salary to charity. If his pay is increased by 10 percent and he still continues to donate 15 percent of the salary, by what percentage do his charity contributions increase?

6. Joey starts reading at the top of page 103 and stops at the bottom of page 204. How mant pages has he read?

7. A rectangular box is made by putting together peices of the dimensions shown above. What is the volume of the resulting box?

8. x² - y² = 9, and x - y = 1. What is the value of x + y ?

9. Sam's test scores are History 76, Geography 74, Math 92, English 81 and Chemistry 80. If the average (arithmetic mean) score is M, and the median score is m, what is the value of M-m ?

10. ABCD is a rectangle. Points B and C lie on the graph of y = wx², where w is a constant. If the perimeter of ABCD is 10, what is the value of w?