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SAT - Grid-ins - Test 2


Solve the problem and enter the calculated result to the text box.

1. What is the sum of all the positive integer factors of 12 ?

2. The average IQ of 4 people is 110. If three people each have an IQ of 105, what is the IQ of the fourth person ?

3. Of 60 students in a class 2/3 are girls, and 2/5 of the class are taking music lessons. What is the maximum number of girls that are not taking music lessons?

4. If 2 n + 1 = 8, what is the value of n ?

5. In the figure above, AD = AC = CB.
If the value of y is 28, what is the value of x?

6. One gallon of fuel mixture contains antifreeze in the ratio of 5 parts fuel to one part antifreeze. To this is added half a gallon of mixture which is one third antifreeze and two thirds fuel. What is the ratio of fuel to antifreeze in the final mixture? (Grid your answer as a fraction: fuel/antifreeze)

7. Two dials O and P have pointers that start from the vertical position as shown. Pointer O rotates anticlockwise at a rate of 5 degrees per second and pointer P rotates clockwise at 9 degrees per second. How many complete revolutions will P have made when O completes 335 complete revolutions?

8. What is the total surface area of 2 identical cubes which together have a volume of 1458 units?

9. N {12,18,2,6}
P {1,4,2,3}
If n and p are to be selected at random from sets N and P respectively, what is the probability that n/2p will be a member of set P?

10. If f(x) = (12 ? x)3/2, and n = f(3), what is the value of 2n?