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How to become a successful English learner?

 ImageWhat makes a successful learner? Let us check it out right now!

1) Being able to set goals and follow through with decisions


You certainly will agree that winners are people who have made it a habit of setting goals and achieving them. A winner takes a decision and follows it through. This might sound like a very broad definition and that's why we will look at some examples. Let's say you made the decision to exercise every day. Did you follow through with your decision or did you quit after a few days? What about that night school course you wanted to attend to improve your career chances? Did you follow through with your decision and pass the exam? Or maybe you had planned to learn cooking? Was that a project you have actually realized or was it just another wish?  

If this sounds familiar, fear not because you are not alone. It's a fact that most of us find it quite difficult to follow through with our decisions. It is as challenging to winners as it is to losers. What makes a winner a winner is their ability to control and change their habits. If you want to learn English like a winner, you have to be able to make a commitment to yourself and follow through with your decision.

2) Willingness to learn and change habits. The fact that you have purchased this book shows that you have a willingness to learn and that's a vital ingredient to success. It is now up to you to decide if you also are a winner because winners know that learning means positive change. A winner looks forward to changing their habits on a regular basis. You have bought this book because you have tried traditional English courses and apparently you were not satisfied with the results. Don't expect to find the same grammar explanations and vocabulary exercises in this book. Expect something completely different, something that requires you to analyze and change your habits.

3) Courage to be yourself. In any society there is only a very small percentage of people who think entirely on their own, who make their own decisions and take the lead. The vast majority follows this small group of leaders without trying to become their own leaders. Winners are way above the average when it comes to deciding what is good or bad for them. For example, when it comes to learning English a winner would ask themselves this question: "Can I learn English by going to an English class where most of the time I hear other learners of English speak incorrect sentences? Maybe instead of listening to other learners of English I should listen to native speakers of English?" Of course the vast majority of English learners will never ask such a question simply because they are used to following others. "If everyone tries to learn English by paying for English courses or learning software, why should I do it any differently?" It takes courage to be yourself and to think on your own.