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What does Alt + F4 do?


Keystrokes in Windows: Does Alt + F4 close an office's application and other ones in the same way? 

 This is one of those jokes people play on each other -- it's in the same category with squirting(1) flowers and exploding cigars. This joke works on machines running the Windows operating system because Windows happens to define certain keystrokes(2) that work the same way in all applications. Just about everyone knows that Alt+Ctrl+Del interrupts the operating system, but most people don't know that Alt+F4 closes the current window. So if you had pressed Alt+F4 while playing a game, the game window would have closed.

It turns out there are several other handy(3) keystrokes like that built into Windows. For example, Ctrl+Esc will pop up the Start menu, Alt+Esc will bring the next window to the foreground(4), and Alt+Tab or Alt+Shift+Tab will let you cycle through all available windows and jump to the one you select.

 On keyboards that have the little "Windows" key (let's call it WK here) down near the space bar, you probably know that you can press that key to open the Start menu. You can also use that key with other keys like you use the shift key. For example:

WK+e - starts the Windows Explorer

WK+f - starts the Find in Files dialog(5)

WK+Ctrl+f - starts the Find a Computer on the Network dialog

WK+M - minimizes all the windows to clear the desktop

WK+Shift+M - restores all the minimized windows

WK+r - starts the Run dialog

WK+F1 - starts Windows Help

WK+Pause - starts System Properties

 The last keyboard trick(6) that every Windows user should be aware of is MouseKeys. If you go to the Accessibility Options icon in the Control Panel, you can go to the Mouse section and turn on MouseKeys. This feature allows you to use the numeric(7) keypad in addition to the mouse to move the cursor(8). It's handy if you are on a bumpy(9) airplane ride or if your mouse is acting up. Another neat(10) feature in Accessibility Options is the ability to turn on a beeper(11) that beeps when you press the Caps Lock key -- great if you are the sort of person who hits it accidentally!

 *Words to study:

1.    Squirt /s’kw3:t/  (v) to flow out through a narrow opening in a fast stream: phun, văng tung tóe

Ex: There was a leak in one of the pipes and water was squirting out all over the kitchen floor.

~>  Squirting (adj)

2.    Keystroke /ki:s’trƏuk/ (n) single depression of a key on a keyboard: sự ấn từng nút trên bàn phím

3.   Handy /’hændi/ (adj) useful or convenient: hữu ích, thuận tiện

Ex:  First-time visitors to France will find this guide particularly handy.

4.   Foreground /’fɔ:graund/ (n) the people, objects, countryside, etc. in a picture or photograph that seem nearest to you and form its main part: tiền cảnh

Ex: With Windows Vista, you can choose many different tasks on the foreground.

5.    Dialog /’daiƏlog/  (n) conversation: sự hội thoại, giao tiếp

Ex: The rebel leaders stated that they are willing to enter into dialogue with the government.

6.   Trick /trik/ (n) action or scheme undertaken to deceive or outwit: mánh khóe

Ex: It's a bit of trick photography - she's meant to look like she's walking on water.

7.    Numeric /’nju:mərik/numerical, (adj) involving or expressed in numbers: được biễu diễn bằng số

Ex: Keep your files in numeric order.

8.    Cursor /’kɜ:sər/ (n) indicator on a VDU screen identifying the position that the program will operate on with the next keystroke: con trỏ

9.    Bumpy /’bʌmpi/ (adj) not smooth: nẩy lên nẩy xuống

Ex: It might be a bumpy flight.

 10.  Neat / ni:t/ (adj) tiny and methodical: nhỏ nhắn

Ex: Your house is always so neat - how do you manage it with three children?

11.  Beeper /’bi:pər/ (n) emit a beep: tiếng còi, tiếng bíp

Ex: They keeps on making beeper at that junction in rush hours.