Regional customs and habits

Customs of Ghana

Marriage and Family

Marriage traditions vary according to ethnic group and religion. A Muslim man may have more than one wife, but this has become less common, especially in urban areas. The groom pays the bride’s family a “bridal token” to indicate responsibility for the new bride.

Customs of Greece

Marriage and Family

Many Greek women marry in their early 20s, but the men tend to marry later, in their mid-20s or early 30s. Although women have gained greater prominence and rights in recent decades, Greek society is still largely male dominated. For the older generation, family, religion, tradition, and education are the core values. The elderly are respected and have considerable authority.

Customs of Guatemala

Marriage and Family

Among the Ladinos, social status is important in choosing a partner. Women often marry by age 20 (earlier in rural areas), and men usually marry by age 24. Common-law marriages are accepted, partly because a formal wedding is unaffordable for some. The groom is responsible for the expenses of the wedding, new clothes for the bride, and any celebrations.

Customs of Grenada

Marriage and Family

Couples often live together before or instead of marriage, but when weddings do occur they are gala events. After a church ceremony, plenty of food, music, and dancing are offered to members of the entire village.

The extended family is central to Grenadian society, and a household often includes parents, children, grandparents, and cousins. Children might live at home well into adulthood.

Customs of Guinea

Marriage and Family

The choice of a marriage partner may be influenced by the family. Women usually marry before they are 20, and men usually from 25 on. Traditionally, the man presents ten kola nuts to the woman’s family to propose marriage. The head of the woman’s family cracks the nuts to signal his approval. The groom offers fabric, jewelry, or cattle to the bride and her family. Muslim men are allowed up to four wives, provided they can support them.