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Grammar - Level C Test 98

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. as sound as ________ = healthy, in good condition (also said of machines).

A. steel
B. a bell
C. a white monkey
D. money

2. Dave and I have ________ to meet at the bus station at 9 o'clock.

A. confirmed
B. combined
C. appointed
D. arranged

3. The American Indians are suing the government for the return of their ________ lands.

A. antique
B. inherited
C. ancestral
D. hereditary

4. It sounds ________ the situation is unlikely to improve.

A. as if
B. how
C. as
D. so that

5. ________ amount of money can buy true friendship.

A. No
B. Never
C. None
D. Not only

6. I was pleased to see how ________ she looked after her recent illness.

A. right
B. pleasant
C. well
D. nice

7. It took me a long time to get rid ________ him.

A. of
B. off
C. against
D. from

8. The mysterious case of the missing millionaire has become the ________ of considerable interest in the press over the last few week.

A. middle
B. target
C. pin-point
D. focus

9. She was an ________ writer because she persuaded many people to see the truth of her ideas.

A. accurate
B. ordinary
C. influential
D. unlimited

10. When she heard the bad news, she hit the ________.

A. roof
B. earful
C. head
D. bend

11. A small ________ of students was waiting outside the class to see the teacher.

A. gang
B. crowd
C. team
D. group

12. Despite some bad reviews, Horowitz' stature was not ________, and his fans and critics in Tokyo were unanimous in expressing their ________ of his unique talent.

A. distilled...kinship with
B. embellished...ignorance of
C. criticized...disdain for
D. diminished...appreciation of

13. Everyone who applies for a job with the company is given an intelligence ________.

A. experience
B. fitting
C. proof
D. test

14. I'm not sure if the new tax is ________ a good idea after all.

A. much
B. as
C. such
D. so

15. I will ________ the idea with the other teachers and see what they think about it.

A. explain
B. argue
C. discuss
D. talk

16. All Mike's friends felt sorry ________ him when he had to give up playing football.

A. with
B. for
C. about
D. at

17. ________ we set off in the next few minutes, we'll be there in time.

A. Provided
B. Supposing
C. In case
D. So long

18. The hardest thing I ________ to do was to look after some children for a week.

A. had never
B. have ever had
C. yet have
D. have always had

19. The actor enjoys giving ________ of poems by his favourite poets.

A. recitations
B. rehearsals
C. repetitions
D. pronouncements

20. She prides herself ________ her clean house.

A. with
B. on
C. of
D. in