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Grammar - Level C Test 96

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Most people never ________ with violent crime.

A. get into contact
B. come into a contact
C. come into contact
D. get in touch

2. He is responding ________ treatment and will soon be cured of his illness.

A. on
B. in
C. for
D. to

3. Don't worry: the snake is perfectly ________.

A. tame
B. harmless
C. harmful
D. domestic

4. His doctor made him ________ in bed for a few days.

A. stay
B. to stay
C. staying
D. is staying

5. We expected him at eight but he finally ________ at midnight.

A. came to
B. turned out
C. turned up

6. He had made his money by developing a profitable travel ________.

A. commerce
B. shop
C. affair
D. business

7. She may pride herself on her abilities, but she's not capable ________ bringing up children.

A. of
B. for
C. on
D. in

8. - Lucian: I'm most grateful to you for getting the doctor in time. - Miriam: If I hadn't, I think you ________.

A. might have died
B. could die
C. would die
D. may have died

9. In spite of her protests, her father ________ her train for the race three hours a day.

A. let
B. made
C. insisted
D. caused

10. The deer ________ for the shelter of the forest when there are people about.

A. go
B. get
C. make
D. take

11. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people's ________ of life.

A. habit
B. custom
C. way
D. system

12. I can't make ________ what's happening.

A. away
B. out
C. do
D. over

13. If ________ I had married her when I had the chance!

A. just
B. hardly
C. only
D. then

14. The ________ age of the population in most western countries is rising fast.

A. medium
B. general
C. average
D. middle

15. It was difficult to ________ a date which was convenient for everyone.

A. elect
B. organize
C. arrange
D. provide

16. He is intent on passing the examination, but I'm doubtful ________ his chances.

A. about
B. for
C. on
D. in

17. They talked for three days before finally ________ to a decision.

A. reaching
B. coming
C. bringing
D. arriving

18. Timothy has lost a lot of money these last years in the casino. He is a ________ gambler.

A. impulsive
B. compulsive
C. compelled
D. impelled

19. Two or three people were involved ________ the accident.

A. at
B. to
C. on
D. in

20. He delights ________ annoying me.

A. on
B. with
C. in
D. at