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Grammar - Level C Test 95

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Whatever made you think ________ such a thing?

A. on
B. of
C. at
D. to

2. Hello, Mary. I can't be sure I'll be home in time for dinner. I ________ be late.

A. should
B. must
C. will
D. may

3. Would you agree that men pay less attention ________ than women do?

A. to the dress
B. on dress
C. to dress
D. at dress

4. He has just taken an examination ________ chemistry.

A. on
B. about
C. for
D. in

5. Please ________ and see us some time - you're always welcome

A. come to
B. come about
C. come around
D. come away

6. He gave a dramatic ________ of his adventures in the heart of Africa.

A. tale
B. legend
C. saga
D. account

7. I tried to reason ________ him, but he was very rude to me.

A. on
B. with
C. by
D. for

8. He was an ________ writer because he persuaded many people to see the trust of his idea.

A. ordinary
B. influential
C. unlimited
D. accurate

9. Students are not ________ to smoke in any of the classrooms.

A. let
B. allowed
C. accepted
D. approved

10. As cunning as a ________ = very clever, very smart.

A. a fox
B. a leopard
C. an owl
D. an owl

11. Since his wife died, Roland has gone to ________.

A. fragments
B. pieces
C. bits
D. scraps

12. This year his company made a ________ but next year we hope to make a profit.

A. loose
B. lose
C. loss
D. lost

13. What a mess! The papers need ________.

A. sorting out
B. sorting off
C. sorting out off
D. doing up

14. I don't think I have ________ eaten Indonesian food before.

A. always
B. sometimes
C. rarely
D. ever

15. Will you ________ me to go to the bank in the morning?

A. remind
B. suggest
C. remember
D. propose

16. The falling inflation rate is ________ to a decrease in the amount of borrowing.

A. indicative
B. attributed
C. referred
D. pertinent

17. Surprisingly, the frontier guards seemed ________ at our presence.

A. unconcerned
B. uninterested
C. unconscious
D. uncritical

18. The murdered man is thought to ________ known the identity of his killer.

A. be
B. being
C. having
D. have

19. He ________ a very interesting story.

A. said
B. talked
C. spoke
D. told

20. The books I borrowed are overdue. I'll have to take them back to the ________.

A. bible
B. bookshop
C. library
D. magazine