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Grammar - Level C Test 94

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. There are three lawyers in our town and I have consulted ________ of them in turn.

A. each
B. every
C. any
D. other

2. After the water workers went on strike there was a ________ of water.

A. drain
B. shortage
C. loss
D. decrease

3. He said that if I looked back far enough in my family tree, I would see that I was ________ related to Charles Darwin.

A. previously
B. tenuously
C. slightly
D. distantly

4. I can't possibly mark your homework; your handwriting is ________.

A. illogical
B. illicit
C. illusive
D. illegible

5. Prices continued to rise while wages remained low ________ the Government became increasingly unpopular.

A. on condition that
B. with the result that
C. provided that
D. on the chance that

6. One of the terrorists, when left alone with the hostage, attempted to persuade him that they were neither ________ nor ________, but only interested in calling international attention to their cause.

A. impeccable...sincere
B. redoubtable...condescending
C. antagonistic...vindictive
D. recalcitrant...clandestine

7. When he braked suddenly on the icy road, the car ________.

A. slid
B. slipped
C. skidded
D. glided

8. Several soldiers were ________ wounded in the battle. They needed a lot of help.

A. completely
B. hardly
C. seriously
D. utterly

9. His parents never allowed him ________.

A. a smoking
B. smoking
C. to smoke
D. some smoked

10. Ford is one of the most popular ________ of car in Britain.

A. makes
B. marks
C. models
D. brands

11. Be careful! Don't ________ your drink on the table.

A. spill
B. spread
C. flood
D. flow

12. The party, ________ I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable.

A. by which
B. at which
C. for which
D. to which

13. The Tabors' fortune was ________ at more than $100 million.

A. guessed
B. judged
C. amagined
D. estimated

14. Can you give me ________ information about taking my car abroad?

A. all
B. an
C. any
D. one

15. Switzerland is well-known for its impressive mountainous ________.

A. views
B. scenes
C. scenery
D. sights

16. My eldest brother intends to take ________ skating next winter.

A. to
B. in
C. away
D. up

17. You can't miss my house: it's ________ the fire station.

A. against
B. opposite
C. across
D. aside

18. The train will be leaving in five minutes so you ________ better hurry up.

A. had
B. should
C. will
D. would

19. They would find another hotel if their rooms ________ for them.

A. weren't prepared
B. aren't prepared
C. hadn't been prepared
D. won't be prepared

20. The phone is ringing. Could you ________, please?

A. pick it up
B. take it up
C. hang it up
D. hang it down