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Grammar - Level C Test 93

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I'll have to study very hard, ________ I can pass the exam.

A. in order
B. so that
C. therefore
D. such

2. Betty dances really ________, doesn't she?

A. beautiful
B. most beautiful
C. beautifully
D. beauty

3. The little girl wouldn't go into the sea ________ her father went too.

A. except
B. but
C. also
D. unless

4. I didn't mean to do it; it was ________ accident.

A. by
B. in
C. for
D. on

5. He's a nice man but he's ________ to drink too much at parties.

A. adequate
B. apt
C. common
D. probable

6. Last year the potato harvest was very disappointing, but this year it looks as though we shall have a better ________.

A. product
B. outcome
C. amount
D. crop

7. He went to Australia hoping to find a teaching ________ without too much difficulty.

A. work
B. occupation
C. employment
D. post

8. I would not let him go, if I ________ all about this trip.

A. knew
B. know
C. have known
D. would know

9. The best rooms in that hotel ________ the bay.

A. view
B. regard
C. overlook
D. examine

10. Call in and see our ________ of spring fashions today.

A. reputation
B. election
C. selection
D. production

11. Because his argument was so confusing, ________ people understood it.

A. few
B. clever
C. less
D. many

12. This morning's history lesson seemed to go ________.

A. through and through
B. on and on
C. over and over
D. off and on

13. The cat was so frightened that it ran ________ the bed to hide.

A. beside
B. along
C. inside
D. under

14. If I had known about it, I ________ him to go.

A. would have told
B. will tell
C. told
D. would tell

15. He will do the work and then send you the ________ for it.

A. sum
B. note
C. addition
D. bill

16. Even though he was often cruel ________ his dog, it remained faithful to him.

A. with
B. to
C. for
D. about

17. "I'll call ________ you at 6 o'clock," said James.

A. by
B. up
C. for
D. in

18. This is the ________ of the bicycle which was stolen.

A. detail
B. description
C. information
D. example

19. Excuse me, but would you ________ talking a little bit more quietly? We are trying to work.

A. mind
B. care
C. object
D. rather

20. The factory paid ________ nearly a million pounds to their employees who were injured in the explosion.

A. off
B. out
C. back
D. in