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Grammar - Level C Test 92

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Nowhere ________ the bathrooms.

A. is it as cold as
B. is as cold as in
C. it is as cold as in
D. is so cold

2. Her ________ is getting worse and worse. She seems too afraid to speak to anyone.

A. happiness
B. tiredness
C. weakness
D. shyness

3. He has always wanted to see his name in ________.

A. news
B. paper
C. press
D. print

4. What John says ________ true but I very much doubt it.

A. may be
B. should be
C. will be
D. shall be

5. I would have come home earlier if you ________ me to help you with the housework.

A. have told
B. had told
C. told
D. tell

6. Mary was very annoyed that her secretary did not meet her deadlines, and she warned her that her laziness and ________ could result in her dismissal.

A. procrastination
B. ambition
C. zeal
D. fortitude

7. I walked away as calmly as I could ________ they thought I was the thief.

A. or else
B. to avoid
C. owing to
D. incase

8. You should ________ a lawyer before you sign that document.

A. counsel
B. check
C. consult
D. communicate

9. Tom ________ his next appointment at the doctor's.

A. cancelled
B. erased
C. wiped
D. ended

10. It's still not ________ that John is going to Ravenna tomorrow.

A. right
B. exact
C. certain
D. sure

11. There was a note attached ________ the parcel.

A. at
B. with
C. on
D. to

12. It takes most people three or four days to ________ from flu.

A. cure
B. prevent
C. recover
D. get over

13. She has to work hard to keep the house ________ and tidy with three small children.

A. smooth
B. neat
C. ordered
D. plain

14. The car came round the corner ________ full speed.

A. for
B. at
C. to
D. by

15. Do you know what the time the train ________ to Birmingham?

A. reaches
B. gets
C. arrives
D. comes

16. Several new hotels have been built along the coast, and they have helped the tourist business ________.

A. at an end
B. no end
C. on end
D. on the end

17. In today's newspaper it ________ that oil has been discovered off the west coast.

A. advertises
B. notices
C. writes
D. says

18. You can't get sleeping pills unless you go to the doctor and get a ________.

A. receipt
B. bill
C. prescription
D. recipe

19. The death penalty was ________ many years ago in this country.

A. abstained
B. aborted
C. abolished
D. absolved

20. A new study group has been ________ by the United Nations.

A. put up
B. put on
C. set up
D. set on