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Grammar - Level C Test 91

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The campers put their tent ________ in a field.

A. out
B. in
C. on
D. up

2. The salesman showed us ________ the washing machine.

A. for using
B. how to use
C. the working of
D. to work

3. The Foreign Minister resigned as a(n) ________ of the incident.

A. result
B. effect
C. reason
D. cause

4. When the clock ________ twelve, we raised our glasses and drank to celebrate the New Year.

A. beat
B. hit
C. shot
D. struck

5. If I were you, I ________ that dress while you have the money.

A. will buy
B. would have bought
C. would buy
D. am buying

6. They were warned never ________ with the members of any extremist group.

A. to associate
B. to assimilate
C. to assign
D. to assume

7. We're selling the hotel ________ of the summer, and retiring.

A. on the end
B. at the end
C. in the end
D. to the end

8. They shouldn't have ________ the accident. It wasn't my fault.

A. accused me of
B. accused me with
C. blamed me for
D. blamed me

9. After he had broken his leg, Henry could only go up and down stairs ________.

A. hardly
B. in difficulties
C. with difficulty
D. hard

10. The meteorologists say we're likely to have a ________ winter.

A. calm
B. soft
C. mild
D. smooth

11. They differ ________ each other so much.

A. of
B. from
C. with
D. in

12. When I learned to ski, I practised on a slope that was not too ________.

A. high
B. steep
C. rising
D. tall

13. We have been corresponding ________ each other for years.

A. to
B. with
C. at
D. by

14. Beryl met her husband ________ a computer dating agency.

A. by
B. through
C. out of
D. from

15. The Queen has said that she will ________ the ceremony.

A. engage
B. come
C. attend
D. impart

16. I'm not going to help you with your homework and neither ________ John.

A. is going to
B. isn't going to
C. is
D. isn't

17. Do be careful not to ________ your coffee on this white rug, Bill.

A. drip
B. spill
C. filter
D. leak

18. They were delighted ________ to come to the party.

A. with having been asked
B. at having been asked
C. with being asked
D. at having been asking

19. The production ________, we suffered considerable losses lately.

A. having fallen off
B. having fallen down
C. falling down
D. having falling off

20. There are several ways of saving money if you travel ________ train.

A. with
B. on
C. by
D. in