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Grammar - Level C Test 89

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. She ________ her parents to let her go to England.

A. reasoned
B. made
C. succeeded
D. persuaded

2. How can you agree with such an idea when you are ignorant ________ the basic facts?

A. with
B. to
C. in
D. of

3. He has to arrange for the ________ of his furniture before he goes abroad.

A. sale
B. sole
C. seal
D. veil

4. ________ you hurry, you won't catch the bus.

A. As
B. Although
C. Except
D. Unless

5. I rang you up while Jack ________ his lessons.

A. was finishing
B. has been finishing
C. finished
D. has finished

6. His suit was badly made and didn't ________ him properly.

A. meet
B. round
C. fit
D. frame

7. I think it's ________ your luck to drive without wearing a seat-belt.

A. risking
B. tempting
C. pushing
D. proving

8. I wonder who drank all the milk yesterday. It ________ have been Jane because she was out all day.

A. can't
B. must
C. could
D. needn't

9. He was born ________.

A. without wedlock
B. out of wedlock
C. out of a wedlock
D. out of the wedlock

10. It was wrong of you to talk to her like that - the next time you see her, you ________ apologize.

A. need
B. ought to
C. dare to
D. may

11. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am having a party on Friday - ________?

A. will you come
B. do you come
C. don't you come
D. shall you come

12. Will you please ________ what you just said. It was very rude.

A. take up
B. take back
C. take off
D. take down

13. Does anyone know ________ this coat might be?

A. whose
B. whom
C. to whom
D. who

14. There was so much noise that we could hardly ________ what the speaker was saying.

A. take in
B. take up
C. bring in
D. bring out

15. They caught him cheating. His chances of passing are ________ destroyed now.

A. seriously
B. completely
C. severely
D. hardly

16. The teacher ________ them the answer to the question.

A. explained
B. told
C. said
D. discussed

17. If no one ________ to the plan, we will start next week.

A. minds
B. avoids
C. objects
D. argues

18. He confessed ________ me that he had just been converted to some strange religion.

A. on
B. in
C. with
D. to

19. After going for a long walk in the morning everyone ________ very hungry at lunch-time.

A. has
B. was
C. made
D. got

20. The Brighton coach ________ at 8.30 a.m.

A. reaches
B. travels
C. voyages
D. leaves