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Grammar - Level C Test 84

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. If you are ________ to customers, they'll walk out of the shop.

A. brush
B. rough
C. rude
D. rusty

2. Well we did have a terrible row but we've ________ it up now.

A. turned
B. cleaned
C. sorted
D. made

3. The students ________ names appear on the list all passed the exam.

A. which
B. their
C. who
D. whose

4. You could have avoided risking ________, General Brown.

A. the life of your soldiers
B. the lives of your soldiers
C. your soldiers' life
D. the life of your soldiers'

5. The young man ________ case was described in the article never fully recovered his memory.

A. whose
B. what
C. whom
D. that

6. By the time you receive this letter, I ________ for Japan.

A. will leave
B. have left
C. would have left
D. will have left

7. The idea of a balanced diet is very difficult to ________ to anyone who knows nothing about food values.

A. put through
B. take in
C. put across
D. make over

8. Today's newspaper has ________ interesting article on space travel.

A. quite an
B. nearly an
C. a partly
D. an almost

9. This cloth ________ very thin.

A. feels
B. touches
C. holds
D. handles

10. Joyce's novel Finnegan's Wake continues to ________ critics, including those who find it comprehensible and call it ________.

A. appall...genial
B. enthrall...nonsensical
C. baffle...transparent
D. bore...compelling

11. He is so keen ________ learning, you should encourage him in his efforts.

A. in
B. on
C. for
D. of

12. I had a ________, which I couldn't explain, that something terrible was going to happen.

A. sense
B. thought
C. feeling
D. view

13. They tell me he is ________ a lot of money in his new job.

A. having
B. earning
C. gaining
D. profiting

14. She is well-qualified in typing and very efficient ________ her work.

A. in
B. on
C. with
D. at

15. I don't think he'll ever ________ the shock of his wife's death.

A. get through
B. get over
C. get by
D. get off

16. Since the evidence of the manuscript's ________ is ________, its publication will be postponed until a team of scholars has examined it and declared it to be genuine.

A. authenticity...inconclusive
B. truthfulness...tarnished
C. veracity...indubitable
D. legitimacy...infallible

17. It doesn't sound ________ he knows anything about it.

A. that is
B. as so
C. so as
D. as if

18. On the first morning of our camping holiday, I woke up covered in mosquito ________.

A. stings
B. pricks
C. bites
D. scratches

19. She was so poor that she had to wander the streets and ________ for money.

A. demand
B. request
C. appeal
D. beg

20. She's accustomed ________ living in comfort.

A. with
B. to
C. at
D. for