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Grammar - Level C Test 83

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. It is becoming more and more ________ that the Government has lost the confidence of the nation.

A. understood
B. apparent
C. anticipated
D. expected

2. I'm sorry I haven't got any money - I've ________ my wallet at home.

A. missed
B. left
C. let
D. forgotten

3. The ________ of blood always makes him feel sick.

A. view
B. scene
C. form
D. sight

4. Joan's third child was born in the ambulance ________ to the hospital.

A. in the way
B. by the way
C. on the way
D. a long way

5. She ________ type at 40 words per minute.

A. need
B. ought
C. dare
D. can

6. He ________ out of the window for a moment and then went on working.

A. glanced
B. glimpsed
C. regarded
D. saw

7. She worships the sun and ________ she always spends her holidays in Greece.

A. nevertheless
B. accordingly
C. yet
D. however

8. The by-laws say that all dogs ________ be kept on a lead in the park.

A. ought
B. need
C. must
D. have

9. I believe ________ this town needs is a really super disco.

A. that
B. what
C. how
D. as

10. A few days after hitting his arm, he had a large black ________.

A. break
B. cut
C. swelling
D. bruise

11. When the police eventually found my wallet, it was completely ________.

A. empty
B. vacant
C. deserted
D. open

12. I don't think he actually had ________ me about his problems.

A. tells
B. tell
C. to tell
D. telling

13. We have a ________ future ahead with little comfort, food or hope.

A. cruel
B. grim
C. pessimistic
D. fierce

14. There is no ________ that the new agricultural policy has been in any way disastrous.

A. indiscretion
B. indication
C. undecision
D. inducement

15. Mark will be late as usual, but Alec always comes ________ time.

A. in
B. at
C. by
D. on

16. His ________ for his loyal support of the party was a seat in the Cabinet.

A. recompense
B. repayment
C. reward
D. compensation

17. I'm afraid my speech may have ________ you as to my true aims.

A. misled
B. mistaken
C. misunderstood
D. miscalculated

18. We would ________ to stay at home this evening.

A. approve
B. recommend
C. prefer
D. rather

19. In pain as a result of the fall, he ________ slowly home.

A. stepped
B. wound
C. limped
D. sped

20. In order to ________ with his studies he worked through the summer.

A. take on
B. catch on
C. catch up
D. take up