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Grammar - Level C Test 82

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The house ________ beside the lake.

A. rested
B. reposed
C. sat
D. stood

2. It is ________ knowledge in the village that Mr and Mrs Thorne quarrel violently several times a week.

A. common
B. complete
C. normal
D. usual

3. One of the ________ has fallen off the church clock.

A. arms
B. fingers
C. pointers
D. hands

4. Yes, sir. I'll ask Mr Smith to ________ to you as soon as he returns.

A. ring
B. speak
C. call
D. contact

5. You ________ pay for this information. It's free.

A. mustn't
B. don't have to
C. shouldn't
D. ought not to

6. Membership of the club, ________ costs $10.000 a year, is only open to people over the age of 60.

A. what
B. which
C. that
D. this

7. His request ________ me completely by surprise.

A. left
B. shook
C. made
D. took

8. This morning the postman was ________ down the street by my dog.

A. hunted
B. chased
C. run
D. sped

9. You can take a horse to water, but you can't ________ it drink!

A. make
B. allow
C. compel
D. see

10. It is far too hot for you ________ the garden.

A. to dig
B. digging
C. for digging
D. have dug

11. It gives me ________ to introduce our today's speaker, Professor Smith.

A. a great pleasure
B. great pleasure
C. great pleasures
D. much pleasures

12. It was very difficult for the inspector to ________ what the recommendations he should make.

A. realize
B. settle
C. solve
D. decide

13. It is a minor road and very narrow and ________ in places.

A. bending
B. winding
C. wandering
D. turning

14. He went to bed ________ very ill.

A. felt
B. feeling
C. feels
D. having felt

15. She never says a word: she's as ________ as a mouse.

A. quiet
B. small
C. slight
D. noiseless

16. The police finally arrested the ________ criminal.

A. famous
B. renowned
C. respectable
D. notorious

17. We ________ the plumbers to install an extra radiator in the living-room.

A. had
B. made
C. got
D. arranged

18. I know nothing about televisions, so when mine broke down, I took it to the shop to ________.

A. having had it repaired
B. have repaired it
C. have it repaired
D. have had it repaired

19. He drove too fast ________ too often and was fined $20.

A. often
B. many
C. once
D. very

20. You thought I did wrong but the results ________ my action.

A. agree
B. prove
C. approve
D. justify