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Grammar - Level C Test 81

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Their last cook was better than their ________ one.

A. current
B. former
C. latter
D. instant

2. Do you approve ________ hunting?

A. on
B. of
C. in
D. to

3. His lesson is going to be ________ Wednesday.

A. on
B. in
C. at
D. of

4. If they had been able ________ it for you, they would have done it.

A. do
B. to do
C. doing
D. is doing

5. It is impossible to prevent them from quarreling ________ each other.

A. for
B. to
C. with
D. by

6. I despair ________ ever teaching him anything.

A. off
B. of
C. on
D. in

7. The policeman ________ me the way.

A. told
B. said
C. explained
D. directed

8. Susan had had a special ________ with her aunt ever since her mother died.

A. affection
B. sense
C. relationship
D. feeling

9. Jane is plain but her sister is very ________.

A. sympathetic
B. sophisticated
C. complex
D. attractive

10. That's the woman ________ daughter I nearly married when I was younger.

A. whom
B. that
C. whose
D. which

11. He ________ for Paris last Saturday.

A. has left
B. had left
C. left
D. leaves

12. - Grace: I wish your parents invite us for holiday. - Monty: They can't. They have ________ to accommodate us and the children too.

A. such a small house
B. a too small house
C. very small a house
D. too small a house

13. I ________ my family very much when I'm away from home.

A. lack
B. miss
C. long
D. lose

14. It has been raining steadily and continuously for three days ________ now.

A. at an end
B. on end
C. in the end
D. no end

15. Because nobody admitted breaking the window, the ________ class was kept in after school.

A. all
B. whole
C. each
D. every

16. Our school ________ for the summer holidays on 10th July.

A. breaks up
B. breaks down
C. breaks in
D. breaks off

17. A copy of our spring brochure is ________ with this letter.

A. combined
B. attached
C. delivered
D. enclosed

18. I'll ________ the children for you while you are out.

A. look after
B. look for
C. look on
D. look out

19. That was no accident: you did it on ________!

A. reason
B. purpose
C. intention
D. plan

20. If we went there, we ________ some of the museums.

A. would visit
B. will visit
C. visit
D. visited