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Grammar - Level C Test 79

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. A manager of a large international company is often given a big ________.

A. pay
B. money
C. salary
D. wage

2. If my documents ________ last week, I would have been able to come back at least five days ago.

A. are found
B. were found
C. would be found
D. had been found

3. The children loved ________ the old castle.

A. discovering
B. exploring
C. hunting
D. detecting

4. As the two teams were ________ at the end of the game, they had to play again to decide the winners of the competition.

A. correct
B. equal
C. exact
D. fair

5. The ________ of these volunteers for hard work is amazing.

A. ability
B. capacity
C. capability
D. efficiency

6. To my ________, inflation is a far greater danger than nuclear arms.

A. mind
B. opinion
C. belief
D. view

7. Poor Jack - he lost his homework, and he ________ do it again.

A. has got to
B. needs
C. shall
D. ought

8. I'm afraid I can't repair the car: we'll have to wait until the mechanic ________.

A. will come
B. may come
C. is coming
D. comes

9. If you fail ________ this attempt, don't count on me for help.

A. on
B. in
C. at
D. by

10. Excuse me! Can't you see the doctor's notice? Do you mind not ________?

A. to smoke
B. smoking
C. smoke
D. be smoking

11. I am very fond of Graham Greene's novels. He is my ________ modern author.

A. favoured
B. favourite
C. likely
D. popular

12. You can count ________ me if you ever want any help.

A. in
B. on
C. up
D. by

13. When they had ________ the new carpet, the workmen went back to the office.

A. laid
B. lain
C. lied
D. been lying

14. My brother plays his records ________ in his room at night, and nobody can get enough sleep.

A. at full tilt
B. in full swing
C. at full blast
D. in full cry

15. You really can't ________ a thing that woman says!

A. believe
B. rely
C. count
D. imagine

16. This company has always ________ to a strict no-smoking policy.

A. acted
B. adhered
C. amounted
D. attended

17. Let us know as soon as possible so that we can start ________ arrangements.

A. having
B. doing
C. making
D. fixing

18. the spitting image of someone = ________.

A. the exact opposite of someone
B. the best friend of someone
C. the person one hates most
D. the exact likeness of someone

19. You'll have to use the stairs: the lift is out of ________.

A. work
B. repair
C. order
D. running

20. Contrary ________ my expectations there was no need to be uneasy about the results of the match.

A. against
B. from
C. to
D. for