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Grammar - Level C Test 78

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. When we visited the zoo on Sunday afternoon it was very crowded but on a weekday it's practically ________.

A. full
B. clear
C. empty
D. uncrowded

2. I wish you wouldn't call him ________ that insulting name.

A. by
B. with
C. in
D. under

3. I only have ________ days left in England, so I want to see as much as possible before I go.

A. A little
B. little
C. a few
D. few

4. He's entitled ________ a pension, but he won't dream of retiring yet.

A. to
B. for
C. on
D. in

5. You'll have to hurry because the ________ train leaves in ten minutes.

A. latter
B. last
C. latest
D. least

6. The bank won't lend you the money without some ________ that you will pay it back.

A. profit
B. interest
C. charge
D. guarantee

7. a sore point = ________.

A. a blister on a foot
B. a matter that irritates or hurts when it is brought up
C. an unpleasant situation that one has to deal with
D. a very dangerous crossroads, where many accidents

8. The house has been left empty for a long time; it will be expensive to ________ the damage that has been done.

A. fix
B. mend
C. improve
D. repair

9. Betty struggled for a long time before she finally ________ to free herself.

A. managed
B. succeeded
C. achieved
D. enabled

10. I am looking forward ________ you again next year.

A. to see
B. seeing
C. to seeing
D. to having seen

11. They have just released a new record called 'Starlight', ________ you must buy.

A. who
B. what
C. that
D. which

12. She was ________ TV when the phone rang.

A. seeing
B. watching
C. looking
D. noticing

13. She decided to go to the enquiry desk ________ out when her train left.

A. finding
B. to find
C. for finding
D. for find

14. Could you be more specific about what is ________ in this particular job?

A. enclosed
B. concentrated
C. presented
D. involved

15. There has been a considerable ________ in Werner's English since he came to Britain.

A. promotion
B. improvement
C. advantage
D. progress

16. I would go and see him if he ________ away.

A. isn't
B. aren't
C. hadn't been
D. weren't

17. You can learn as much theory as you like, but you only master a skill by ________ it a lot.

A. practicing
B. training
C. exercising
D. doing

18. This car is in terrible condition - you ________ have an accident at any time.

A. should
B. could
C. would
D. can

19. I find it difficult sometimes to ________ between green and red.

A. disseminate
B. discriminate
C. classify
D. categorize

20. There are a lot of ________ beaches on the South Pacific islands.

A. abandoned
B. alone
C. left
D. deserted