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Grammar - Level C Test 77

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. You must encourage him ________ his efforts.

A. at
B. with
C. to
D. in

2. As drunk as ________ = very drunk.

A. a lord
B. a hunter
C. a fish
D. a barrel

3. ________ experience of working in an office environment is essential for this job.

A. Earlier
B. First
C. Initial
D. Previous

4. Thousands of people use the ________ of footpaths across these hills.

A. grid
B. circuit
C. network
D. channel

5. The government wants people to set ________ their own businesses.

A. off
B. in
C. up
D. down

6. After the ________ journey, the President sent a request to the Prime Minister asking that they ________ their meeing until he had an opportunity to refresh himself.

A. exhilarating...commence
B. lengthy...defray
C. exhausting...defer
D. dilatory...reschedule

7. Tommorow they are going to see the works ________ Van Gogh.

A. from
B. off
C. of
D. with

8. Have you ever been introduced to ________?

A. the royalty
B. royalty
C. royalties
D. the royalties

9. Open plains are ________ of the geography of Kenya.

A. distinctive
B. characteristic
C. separate
D. specific

10. In America, surgeons have given a man a(n) ________ heart.

A. unreal
B. false
C. pretend
D. artificial

11. I think he's quite honest ________ his intentions.

A. about
B. with
C. in
D. on

12. The house is ________ at the corner of a busy street.

A. situated
B. placed
C. stood
D. put

13. Her parents were very ________ because she was out so late that night.

A. responsible
B. sorry
C. worried
D. overcome

14. The prisoner ran ________ down the hill and escaped.

A. in full swing
B. at full tilt
C. to the full
D. full length

15. To make a good omelette, you must ________ the eggs very well.

A. beat
B. knock
C. thrash
D. bang

16. In the middle of our trip we stopped ________ a rest on the river bank.

A. have
B. had
C. having
D. to have

17. My parents ________ that they will move to the seaside when my father retries next year.

A. think
B. thinking
C. will think
D. thought

18. Do you know anyone who's interested ________ having a kitten?

A. at
B. to
C. in
D. for

19. I haven't seen the film yet and ________.

A. Dorothy has neither
B. neither saw Dorothy
C. neither has Dorothy
D. neither Dorothy

20. My brother had his camera ________ from his car in the office car-park.

A. robbed
B. missed
C. lost
D. stolen