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Grammar - Level C Test 73

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Children who go up escalators should always be accompanied ________ an adult.

A. with
B. beside
C. from
D. by

2. I took someone else's coat from the cloakroom by ________.

A. mistake
B. fortune
C. error
D. forgetfulness

3. Don't invite John to dinner; I can't stand his bad ________.

A. mood
B. mind
C. character
D. temper

4. There is a beautiful ________ of the old city from the terrace of their mountain house.

A. view
B. aspect
C. vision
D. appearance

5. He has recently ________ golf to provide himself with some relaxation.

A. take on
B. taken over
C. taken with
D. taken up

6. Has it ever occured ________ you that those twins are quite different from each other in many ways?

A. to
B. at
C. for
D. on

7. The film was based ________ a novel by Dickens.

A. to
B. of
C. on
D. in

8. He suggested ________ to the cinema together.

A. us to go
B. we are going
C. that we should go
D. for us to go

9. My parents ________ very strongly of people who smoke.

A. disappoint
B. dislike
C. distrust
D. disapprove

10. I am not sure ________ the green coat is.

A. who's
B. who
C. whose
D. whom

11. The taxi-drivers are complaining that their fares are too ________.

A. small
B. little
C. low
D. few

12. We can no longer afford the cost of ________ two cars, so we're selling one.

A. operating
B. managing
C. running
D. controlling

13. I ________ rather go to Ireland than Scotland for my holiday.

A. had
B. would
C. did
D. could

14. If you want to have a pet you must be ready to look ________ it for several years.

A. at
B. for
C. over
D. after

15. Given the Secretary of State's ________ the President's foreign policies, he has no choice but to resign.

A. reliance upon
B. antipathy toward
C. pretense of
D. support for

16. We have embarked ________ a new scheme.

A. at
B. on
C. in
D. with

17. As the service charge is included in the bill, any further tipping is ________.

A. unnecessary
B. unforgivable
C. unsatisfactory
D. unpleasant

18. Steak for breakfast and eggs for supper is ________, to say the least.

A. erratic
B. eccentric
C. egocentric
D. egoistic

19. I've never seen her so angry. She's walking round with a face like ________.

A. ceiling
B. warpath
C. thunder
D. bend

20. He was afraid of losing his suitcase so he tied a ________ on it on which he had written his name and address.

A. badge
B. mark
C. label
D. notice