Grammar - Level C Test 71

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. We were so busy we had to ________ going on holiday for a month.

A. put out
B. put away
C. put down
D. put off

2. You must move your car at once, Madam; ________ I shall have to give you a ticket.

A. therefore
B. otherwise
C. consequently
D. whether

3. To promote him so quickly you must have a very high ________ of his ability.

A. view
B. opinion
C. idea
D. feeling

4. ________ for a trip last Saturday?

A. did you go
B. do you go
C. will you go
D. have you gone

5. They're old customers of ours. We've been ________ with them for many years.

A. competing
B. dealing
C. shopping
D. supplying

6. I am trying to lose weight by ________ bread and sweet things.

A. cutting down on
B. cutting up on
C. cutting down at
D. stopping down at

7. You must put your name and address on this side of the form, and then sign on the ________ side.

A. back
B. other
C. opposite
D. under

8. - Betty: I didn't really enjoy the party last night. - Adela: No, and ________.

A. neither we did
B. we didn't either
C. we didn't too
D. so didn't we

9. When factories are ________ by management, then workers tend to lose their jobs.

A. automatic
B. automatically
C. automation
D. automated

10. It was very beautiful cloth ________ from silk.

A. composed
B. worn
C. woven
D. threaded

11. Spies may have a number of ________ names and papers.

A. artificial
B. synthetic
C. false
D. imitation

12. I'm afraid it's pointless ________.

A. asking Mary for help
B. to ask help from Mary
C. to ask Mary of help
D. to ask Mary of helping

13. It tasted so ________ of lemon that the other flavours were lost.

A. hardly
B. forcefully
C. strongly
D. fully

14. When Mike entered the room, he looked rather pale and in ________ of a shave.

A. lack
B. need
C. want
D. necessity

15. The storm played ________ the cross-channel ferry crossings.

A. down
B. havoc with
C. cat and mouse with
D. along with

16. He confessed to me that he had just been converted ________ some strange religion.

A. on
B. to
C. for
D. at

17. You may not have to stay the night but take a toothbrush just in ________.

A. case
B. time
C. order
D. preparation

18. I suppose I can count ________ you for help in this matter?

A. in
B. on
C. of
D. from

19. They began by experimenting ________ rats.

A. of
B. in
C. by
D. on

20. Some schools have very ________ rules of behaviour which must be obeyed.

A. strong
B. solid
C. straight
D. strict