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Grammar - Level C Test 67

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. You really ________ have come to the party, because all our old friends were there.

A. must
B. ought
C. may
D. should

2. These cars originally had two doors but the latest ________ has four.

A. brand
B. mark
C. model
D. pattern

3. Before we start the lesson, I'd like to ________ what we did yesterday.

A. run up
B. run through
C. run along
D. run into

4. His house is nothing out of the ________, it's just an average four-room house.

A. normal
B. typical
C. ordinary
D. usual

5. I regret to say that you will have to take things ________.

A. as you find them
B. like you find them
C. so as you find them
D. so that you find them

6. We would very much ________ a reply by the end of the month.

A. expect
B. require
C. appreciate
D. value

7. Could you buy a cake please ________ John and Mary come this afternoon?

A. if only
B. because
C. on account of
D. in case

8. The car burst into ________ but the driver managed to escape.

A. fire
B. burning
C. heat
D. flames

9. If you ________ Tom, tell him to come and see us on Friday.

A. met
B. meet
C. have met
D. has met

10. I am not in the least ________ about his opinion.

A. aware
B. concerned
C. interested
D. regarded

11. She is very stubborn, so it will be difficult to ________ her to go.

A. persuade
B. suggest
C. make
D. prevent

12. He's the ________-looking man I have ever met.

A. most
B. better
C. best
D. well

13. If you want to change the shirt that you bought, make sure that you keep the ________.

A. ticket
B. receipt
C. bill
D. notice

14. She had to leave her family ________ when she went abroad to work.

A. at a loss
B. behind
C. out
D. at all costs

15. I'll cook the potatoes if someone will ________ them first.

A. skin
B. peel
C. strip
D. uncover

16. an Indian summer = ________.

A. a hot summer
B. a cold, rainy summer
C. a period of fine weather in early autumn
D. a sunny day in winter

17. Don't ________ up yet; you will soon be able to play the trumpet well.

A. give
B. catch
C. break
D. turn

18. As dumb as ________ = stupid.

A. a fish
B. a mule
C. a horse
D. two sheep

19. The vase is definitely not ________, but just a very good imitation.

A. real
B. factual
C. genuine
D. true

20. I told him to stop but he went on ________.

A. singing
B. is singing
C. was singing
D. sing