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Grammar - Level C Test 65

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. ________ is known about the side-effects of the new drug.

A. all but nothing
B. next to nothing
C. next to everything
D. next to anything

2. They all take too much ________ of his kindness and generosity.

A. profit
B. advantage
C. benefit
D. use

3. He ________ escape from the prison by dressing up as a guard, and then crossed the border by train.

A. could
B. was able
C. succeeded in
D. managed to

4. I was very ________ not to pass of the message about the holiday being cancelled.

A. elicited
B. enticed
C. cajoled
D. tempted

5. Mr and Mrs Hudson are always ________ with each other about money.

A. annoying
B. arguing
C. discussing
D. shouting

6. I wonder ________ like to travel by Concorde.

A. that it is
B. what it is
C. how it is
D. what is it

7. If it's raining tomorrow, we shall have to ________ the match till Sunday.

A. put off
B. cancel
C. play
D. put away

8. The librarian went to look in the cupboard ________ rare books were kept.

A. which
B. where
C. that
D. there

9. After dinner, the President got up to ________ a short speech.

A. make
B. provide
C. hold
D. tell

10. I saw her ________ the street.

A. crosses
B. crossed
C. to cross
D. cross

11. We have to work hard for our money while the fat ________ in the City make money doing very little.

A. cats
B. pack
C. market
D. fish

12. When he felt school, John decided to ________ a priest instead of studying languages.

A. change to
B. become
C. train for
D. study for

13. When the team scored the winning goal, the crowd's ________ was amazing.

A. reaction
B. inactive
C. overacting
D. interacted

14. I don't know the answer myself but I'll ________ around and see if anybody else knows.

A. ask
B. attend
C. accord
D. aim

15. At first, everything was ________, just like any other day. But then!

A. normal
B. usual
C. average
D. common

16. I intend to leave ________ Paul is ready.

A. until
B. while
C. as soon as
D. though

17. Several of the trees in the park were ________.

A. sick
B. ill
C. diseased
D. unhealthy

18. ________ the weather forecast it will rain heavily later this morning.

A. On account of
B. According to
C. Because of
D. Due to

19. I wish you ________ make such a noise. I'm trying to work.

A. shouldn't
B. wouldn't
C. couldn't
D. needn't

20. I think you'd better ________ and see me next week.

A. come
B. to come
C. be coming
D. came