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Grammar - Level C Test 64

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. My uncle took ________ golf when he retired from work.

A. on
B. up
C. over
D. after

2. There was nothing to ________ him with the burglary until the police found a gold ring in his car.

A. link
B. fix
C. place
D. join

3. ________ my stay in hospital, I lost twelve kilos.

A. In
B. On
C. While
D. During

4. If I had known the way to his house, I ________ him last Friday afternoon.

A. would visit
B. would have visited
C. have been visiting
D. had been visiting

5. Surely David's not going to drive, ________ he?

A. does
B. is
C. isn't
D. will

6. ________ he wasn't feeling very well, Mr Graham went to visit his aunt as usual.

A. Although
B. However
C. Therefore
D. Still

7. We have ________ good transport in my country.

A. a
B. very
C. the
D. many

8. You can trust what he says. He's a very ________ person.

A. reliable
B. trustful
C. profitable
D. depending

9. He swatted a fly on the window and ________ the glass.

A. slashed
B. smashed
C. cut
D. crashed

10. The trade ________ of the company is a flying horse.

A. brand
B. class
C. mark
D. model

11. The bus conductor told him to get off because he couldn't pay the ________.

A. bill
B. fare
C. fee
D. journey

12. If students are to understand the notice, the instructions must be ________ clearer.

A. wrote
B. made
C. got
D. done

13. All traffic is being ________ because of the military parades.

A. diverted
B. converted
C. changed
D. altered

14. He refused to give up work, ________ he'd won a million pounds.

A. despite
B. however
C. even though
D. as though

15. I've never had to ________ such rudeness before.

A. back out of
B. go off with
C. get out of
D. put up with

16. Yesterday the naval authorities ________ the report in Friday's newspapers that they had exploded three bombs near an unknown submarine.

A. published
B. confirmed
C. re-stated
D. agreed

17. Well I'm not surprised they are in a mess. It's not exactly ________ -shattering news.

A. spinner
B. make
C. till
D. earth

18. The League of Nations was set ________ after the First World War.

A. up
B. off
C. out
D. down

19. sharp practices = ________.

A. reality as it really is, not embellished to look better
B. unprofitable business transactions
C. dishonest methods in business
D. aggressive marketing techniques

20. When he spoke over the telephone, his voice was so ________ that I could hardly hear him.

A. faint
B. dim
C. dull
D. unnoticeable