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Grammar - Level C Test 62

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Not only ________ the film, but he had read the book as well.

A. he did see
B. had he seen
C. has he seen
D. he saw

2. As James had scored distinctions in Chemistry and Biology in his Higher School Certificate Examination, he hoped to ________ one of these subjects at university.

A. abandon
B. discover
C. specialize in
D. take part in

3. Look, Mother! James has brought you a ________ of flowers.

A. branch
B. bucket
C. bunch
D. bush

4. His teachers think he is very good ________ drawing.

A. in
B. at
C. for
D. to

5. He didn't pay for the meal himself - he put it on his company's ________ account.

A. price
B. value
C. cost
D. expense

6. Before you run ________ other people, it is as well to consider your own faults.

A. over
B. up
C. down
D. after

7. He was so tired that he ________ asleep in the chair.

A. dropped
B. fell
C. went
D. became

8. Many of the jobs which have been created in this area can be directly ________ to tourism.

A. supported
B. dedicated
C. attracted
D. attributed

9. Why did you have ________ his last lecture?

A. such difficulties to follow
B. such a difficulty to follow
C. such difficulty in following
D. such difficulty at following

10. He liked to sit ________ the river and fish.

A. at
B. next
C. beside
D. along

11. The student who ________ in his exams was expelled from the school.

A. tricked
B. cheated
C. deceived
D. betrayed

12. It was raining very ________ so I took my umbrella.

A. wet
B. badly
C. hard
D. firmly

13. After I had discussed my plans with Professor Watkins I ________ to work on my dissertation.

A. have started
B. had started
C. started
D. would start

14. We don't know her very well, only by ________.

A. sight
B. chance
C. figure
D. accident

15. This is such a boring job to do. It's a real pain in the ________.

A. back
B. way
C. neck
D. feathers

16. One ________ of their new house is that it has no garden.

A. pity
B. dislike
C. complaint
D. disadvantage

17. I ________ in bed all night thinking about it.

A. laid
B. lay
C. led
D. lied

18. I can't remember when all those books ________.

A. have been bought
B. had been bought
C. will have been bought
D. are being bought

19. The new factory must be finished ________ as the profitability of the company depends on it.

A. on time
B. in times
C. at time
D. for a time

20. The evening performance had to be cancelled ________ of the illness of the leading actress.

A. because
B. due
C. owing
D. according