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Grammar - Level C Test 60

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Have I ________ you about how Mary is getting on at college?

A. said
B. explained
C. answered
D. told

2. You ________ do the washing-up: I can easily do it later.

A. needn't
B. daren't
C. wouldn't
D. mightn't

3. I never go in lifts because I am terrified of ________ spaces.

A. contained
B. constricted
C. confined
D. compressed

4. His ________ of Richard III was acclaimed as one of the best by any actor.

A. performance
B. entertainment
C. portrayal
D. spectacle

5. I can't ________ what he's doing; it's so dark down there.

A. see through
B. make out
C. look into
D. show up

6. Shall we ________ across this field instead of going by the road?

A. set
B. take
C. come
D. cut

7. Experiments have proved that children can be instructed ________ swimming at a very early age.

A. to
B. for
C. in
D. with

8. I'll be absent ________ class tomorrow.

A. from
B. at
C. to
D. in

9. We'll have to ________ the meeting until next week because no one can come tomorrow.

A. put down
B. put off
C. put on
D. put round

10. He says he has got ________ in his stomach.

A. hurt
B. aches
C. pains
D. suffering

11. Frank tried to think of a good excuse to ________ going to the meeting.

A. get off with
B. get out of
C. get away from
D. get over for

12. I ________ rather not go by coach, if you don't mind.

A. would
B. should
C. will
D. had

13. You must keep your dog on a ________ in this park.

A. line
B. lash
C. lead
D. link

14. It's no use complaining ________ the cold.

A. on
B. in
C. from
D. of

15. It's ________ to rain again before morning.

A. possibly
B. likely
C. probably
D. certainly

16. He ________ his friend to go camping with him.

A. attracted
B. suggested
C. appealed
D. persuaded

17. We went to see play last night and, ________ for Tony, we all enjoyed it very much.

A. apart
B. aside
C. except
D. unless

18. I'm very busy, so please don't disturb me ________ it's urgent.

A. if
B. unless
C. while
D. since

19. Can you ________ me a good pill against airsickness?

A. advise
B. suggest
C. recommend
D. propose

20. The customs officer made her ________ her suitcase.

A. unpacking
B. unpack
C. to unpack
D. that she unpack