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Grammar - Level C Test 59

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. He has always gone ________ strange hobbies like collecting bottle-tops and inventing secret codes.

A. into
B. by
C. in for
D. through

2. It was ________ that he happened to walk in just as we were discussing him.

A. miserable
B. unfortunate
C. wretched
D. contemptible

3. If you require any more ________ about the holiday, please telephone us.

A. description
B. information
C. news
D. fact

4. It is a great ________ that the exhibition was cancelled at the last minute after all your work.

A. pity
B. sorrow
C. complaint
D. sadness

5. I was very ________ of myself for forgetting Mother's birthday.

A. disgraced
B. ashamed
C. shy
D. shocked

6. People who live in the cities ________ to suffer from stress more than people in the countryside.

A. lean
B. develop
C. tend
D. use

7. He ________ his head, wondering how he could solve the problem.

A. scratched
B. scraped
C. screwed
D. shaved

8. I consulted my lawyer ________ the matter and I shall act on his advice.

A. in
B. on
C. for
D. to

9. My phones is out of order, which is a ________.

A. hurt
B. harm
C. trouble
D. nuisance

10. You won't need an umbrella after all: the weather seems to be ________.

A. clearing up
B. setting up
C. clearing off
D. wearing off

11. I'm not sure how old he is but he must be ________ for 70.

A. going by
B. getting up
C. getting on
D. going off

12. I will lend you this book tomorrow if I ________ it.

A. finish reading
B. am reading
C. have been reading
D. were reading

13. I wish you'd stop comparing my cooking ________ your mother's.

A. to
B. with
C. for
D. against

14. He turned ________ me for help.

A. for
B. at
C. to
D. on

15. The Home-Loan Company ________ the right to cancel this agreement.

A. reserves
B. conserves
C. serves
D. deserves

16. Just as we were sitting down for the picnic it ________ began to rain.

A. soon
B. suddenly
C. at once
D. in a moment

17. These figures show a ________ in the number of unemployed people in England and Wales.

A. loss
B. lessening
C. reduction
D. lowering

18. ________ my opinion, French cheese is better than English cheese.

A. In
B. To
C. By
D. For

19. When are you eligible for ________?

A. a raise in the salary
B. a raise in a salary
C. a raise in salary
D. raise in a salary

20. Your husband is very rude. If I were you, I wouldn't stand ________ it.

A. by
B. to
C. at
D. for