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Grammar - Level C Test 53

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I am grateful to you for being so patient ________ him.

A. with
B. at
C. for
D. ot

2. Her parents give her anything she asks for, and as a result, she's very ________.

A. ruined
B. damaged
C. harmed
D. spoilt

3. The police have asked that ________ who saw the accident should get in touch with them.

A. somebody
B. someone
C. one
D. anyone

4. You must reply ________ his letter.

A. at
B. for
C. to
D. on

5. There has been some ________ in the relations between those two countries recently.

A. deterioration
B. decomposition
C. destitution
D. depreciation

6. My watch had stopped so I had no way of knowing the right ________.

A. hour
B. moment
C. time
D. o'clock

7. I hope to get an answer to my letter by ________ of post.

A. round
B. next
C. return
D. back

8. He saw the plane crash into the sea when its engines ________.

A. failed
B. stood
C. struck
D. held

9. - Flora: You're awfully behind with the work, aren't you? - Daisy: I know. I ________ to the cinema last night.

A. oughtn't to go
B. had not to go
C. haven't had to go
D. shouldn't have gone

10. I'm making you responsible for this project. Please see ________ it that it is finished on time.

A. to
B. into
C. for
D. on

11. According to the forecast it will be mostly cloudy, with ________ of rain in the north.

A. outbreaks
B. elements
C. bursts
D. times

12. Good teachers ________ children to be kind to each other.

A. let
B. encourage
C. prevent
D. force

13. There is an increasing ________ nowadays to make films portraying violence.

A. trend
B. surge
C. direction
D. tradition

14. Everybody is very anxious about the ________ of the negotiations.

A. outbreak
B. outcome
C. output
D. outlook

15. I saw a thief take Norman's wallet so I ran ________ him, but I didn't catch him.

A. into
B. after
C. over
D. near

16. I expect it will rain again when we're on holiday this year, but at least we are properly prepared ________ it this time.

A. about
B. at
C. with
D. for

17. After a lot of difficulty, he ________ to open the door.

A. managed
B. succeeded
C. obtained
D. realized

18. Would you risk ________ $500 on a horse?

A. to bet
B. that you bet
C. betting
D. you bet

19. He ________ spends his holidays in the mountains though occasionally he goes to the seaside instead.

A. usually
B. invariably
C. constantly
D. rarely

20. The two brothers don't get ________ with each other very well; they're always fighting.

A. up
B. by
C. over
D. on