Grammar - Level C Test 51

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The accident was terrible, because there was no doctor ________ to help.

A. in hand
B. on hand
C. by hand
D. out of hand

2. Could you please ________ exactly what you saw?

A. inform
B. point
C. advise
D. describe

3. Petrol in this country is so expensive ________ we use public transport as much as possible.

A. then
B. that
C. thus
D. than

4. The other driver failed to signal his ________ to turn right so I had to brake suddenly.

A. purpose
B. idea
C. intention
D. design

5. "My daughter, Mary, tries to ________ to see me at least once a week," Mrs Jones told the social worker.

A. call up
B. go up
C. come on
D. drop in

6. How ________ you manage to get here so quickly?

A. used
B. had
C. did
D. have

7. It's difficult to pay one's bills when prices keep ________.

A. rising
B. growing
C. gaining
D. raising

8. It has been ________ that environment is the ________ factor in the incidence of drug addiction, but recent studies with twins separated at birth indicate that a predisposition to addiction can be inherited.

A. proved...crucial
B. demonstrated...conclusive
C. suggested... predominant
D. argued...logical

9. I ________ you wear the blue coat rather than the pink one.

A. suggest
B. say
C. advise
D. encourage

10. The manager did not offer her the job because of her untidy ________.

A. sight
B. view
C. presence
D. appearance

11. John, do you think you could ________ me $50?

A. let
B. hire
C. lend
D. borrow

12. If he ________ a little harder, his results would be better.

A. has worked
B. works
C. will work
D. worked

13. After the police had questioned him for 12 hours, Higgins broke ________ and confessed.

A. down
B. up
C. out
D. through

14. I hope his work ________ by next Monday.

A. will have been finished
B. has been finished
C. had been finished
D. is finished

15. You're looking very pale, do you ________ sick?

A. fall
B. faint
C. feel
D. become

16. They sent a sample of pottery they had found to the laboratory so that a date could be ________ on it.

A. put
B. placed
C. set
D. fixed

17. I drove around the town for half an hour but couldn't find a car ________.

A. park
B. garage
C. plan
D. parking

18. He was found guilty of murder and condemned ________ death.

A. for
B. at
C. in
D. to

19. Have you a rough ________ of how many people are coming to the party?

A. hope
B. imagination
C. thought
D. idea

20. You are still working on your essay. I think you ________ it by six o'clock.

A. should have finished
B. have been finishing
C. have already finished
D. must have finished