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Grammar - Level C Test 49

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. ________ I am studying at university and I hope to get a job very soon.

A. In a moment
B. At this instant
C. At present
D. In the present

2. Chris ________ at the City College for French.

A. enlisted
B. inscribed
C. enrolled
D. filled up

3. The names of the prizewinners will be ________ in the next issue of the magazine.

A. informed
B. promised
C. announced
D. told

4. We ________ them run away from the accident.

A. allowed
B. remembered
C. saw
D. felt

5. Mr Willis ________ to take a breath test after the accident.

A. denied
B. disliked
C. refused
D. objected

6. If it ________ fine, I shall go out.

A. was
B. is
C. were
D. will be

7. I'm sorry we're late; it's all my ________!

A. guilt
B. crime
C. fault
D. wrong

8. How can you agree ________ such an idea when you are ignorant of the basic facts?

A. at
B. with
C. by
D. on

9. A lot of my friends have ________ smoking in the last few years.

A. put off
B. held back
C. cut off
D. given up

10. She likes to sit on the balcony and ________ what goes on below.

A. look
B. gaze
C. glare
D. watch

11. If he's not back ________ midnight, I'm going to phone the police.

A. until
B. by
C. on
D. till

12. He is responding to treatment and will soon be cured ________ his illness.

A. from
B. of
C. with
D. for

13. I'm ________ worried about Jane; she always seems to be tired.

A. as
B. so
C. such
D. too

14. It is obvious ________ everyone that he is not responsible for this mistake.

A. for
B. to
C. at
D. from

15. In all ________ there will never be a third World War.

A. odds
B. probability
C. certainty
D. possibilities

16. He stroked his cat's silky fur and the cat ________ contentedly.

A. growled
B. snored
C. purred
D. hummed

17. The children did not know the ________ by which the game was played.

A. facts
B. customs
C. orders
D. rules

18. ________ the BBC news, the plane crash was caused by engine failure.

A. Because of
B. According to
C. Owing to
D. On account of

19. You'll need a visa ________ as your passport to go to the United States.

A. moreover
B. in addition
C. as well
D. besides

20. He had to go to the bank to ________ some money for his holiday.

A. pay up
B. pay back
C. draw out
D. draw in