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Grammar - Level C Test 48

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. How long does it usually ________ to get home in the evening?

A. need
B. need you
C. take you
D. demand

2. Many elderly people have to live on the money they ________ when they were working.

A. laid up
B. put back
C. set up
D. put aside

3. I was shocked ________ his refusal.

A. for
B. to
C. at
D. with

4. The bus ________ from High Street to the Station Road is 30p.

A. cost
B. fare
C. payment
D. charge

5. If we go to the market we might find a ________.

A. shopping
B. chance
C. bargain
D. trade

6. I suggest ________ the "soup of the day" rather than the pate.

A. to have
B. we have
C. you we have
D. for us having

7. - Freda: Do you know our city at all? - Barry: No, it's the first time ________ here.

A. I have been
B. I was
C. I had been
D. I am coming

8. The Government should be spending money on new hospitals ________ than on defence.

A. other
B. rather
C. better
D. instead

9. I'd like you to meet a very good friend of ________, Alan Davis.

A. us
B. we
C. our
D. ours

10. I'm not sure ________ the exact date, but I think he arrived here in 1959.

A. with
B. about
C. for
D. of

11. I don't think I'll beat him. I'm out of ________.

A. fitness
B. game
C. play
D. practice

12. When he was hit on the head, he ________ consciousness.

A. lost
B. fell
C. missed
D. dropped

13. If I were you I ________ go to the doctor tomorrow.

A. could
B. would
C. will
D. must

14. The garage gave me a 5 per cent ________ for paying cash.

A. discount
B. bargain
C. sale
D. less

15. Driving a car with faulty brakes is ________ quite a risk.

A. putting
B. setting
C. taking
D. being

16. Try and ________ on the bright side- the worst may never happen!

A. see
B. look
C. think
D. consider

17. Please come round this evening; I ________ to see you urgently.

A. need
B. beg
C. long
D. could

18. There was a big hole in the road which ________ the traffic.

A. held up
B. kept down
C. stood back
D. sent back

19. The class failed to respond ________ the teacher's new methods.

A. to
B. with
C. for
D. at

20. I wish you ________ put your clothes on the floor all the time. It drives me mad.

A. don't
B. wouldn't
C. won't
D. would