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Grammar - Level C Test 47

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I don't think she could ever give ________ smoking. She's a real addict.

A. up
B. in to
C. away
D. out

2. That's a nice coat, and the colour ________ you well.

A. fits
B. matches
C. shows
D. suits

3. Computers are supposed to ________ time, but I'm not so sure they do!

A. spare
B. save
C. spend
D. waste

4. You can never rely ________ him to be punctual.

A. of
B. with
C. at
D. on

5. Our guests didn't leave until 2 a.m., so they ________ have enjoyed themselves.

A. must
B. can't
C. may
D. might

6. Her father won't ________ to my marrying Sally.

A. agree
B. allow
C. think
D. approve

7. Many accidents are caused by ________ driving.

A. harmless
B. careless
C. harmful
D. careful

8. ________ of the month, I hope I shall have lost another two kilos.

A. At the end
B. In the end
C. To the end
D. By the end

9. "Be careful, Stuart, Paola has her eyes ________ you," Carol said.

A. at
B. for
C. on
D. to

10. The stolen jewels were ________ a lot of money.

A. valued
B. cost
C. priced
D. worth

11. I left my office after I ________ the last letter.

A. have been writing
B. should have written
C. have written
D. had written

12. Don't be so sure ________ yourself!

A. on
B. from
C. of
D. at

13. Arthur seems calm enough, but he has a very violent ________.

A. temper
B. mood
C. person
D. stage

14. The accused man ________ to give the police any more information.

A. objected
B. denied
C. refused
D. disliked

15. The child was told to ________ for being rude to his uncle.

A. excuse
B. apologize
C. forgive
D. confess

16. It was ________ that I burnt my mouth.

A. such hot coffee
B. such a hot coffee
C. so hot coffee
D. so a hot coffee

17. When you ________ him, give him my best wishes.

A. will visit
B. would visit
C. visit
D. have visited

18. My uncle is great. In our family, he's ________ his cooking.

A. famous about
B. famous with
C. famous for
D. famous in

19. It was ________ a simple question that everyone answered it correctly.

A. so
B. such
C. much
D. too

20. When he heard the terrible noise he asked me what was ________ on.

A. happening
B. being
C. getting
D. going