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Grammar - Level C Test 46

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I phoned the bank to ________ how much money there was in my account.

A. control
B. inspect
C. test
D. check

2. I ________ hands with him when I was introduced to him.

A. gave
B. greeted
C. nodded
D. shook

3. A camera works by letting light through a small ________ at the front.

A. crack
B. leak
C. hole
D. break

4. He's entitled to a pension, but he won't dream ________ retiring yet.

A. on
B. to
C. of
D. off

5. Don't worry about trying to catch last train home, as we can easily ________ you up for the night.

A. take
B. put
C. set
D. keep

6. Hello! You ________ be the new assistant. I'm Mr Munroe.

A. ought to
B. should
C. could
D. must

7. His house is a ________ between a palace and a hotel.

A. combination
B. union
C. cross
D. link

8. The young man swore that he would take ________ his father's killers.

A. revenge in
B. revenge on
C. revenge
D. revenge at

9. No one ________ he was.

A. could be quicker than
B. could be so quick as
C. could have been quicker than
D. can be as quick as

10. My aunt and uncle always quarrelled about their tea; she liked it strong but he wanted it ________.

A. feeble
B. weak
C. small
D. poor

11. She bought red shoes to ________ her red dress and handbag.

A. pair
B. match
C. equal
D. mate

12. My sister had a baby daughter yesterday, and she is my first ________.

A. nephew
B. cousin
C. niece
D. relation

13. Bob ________ to the hospital five minutes before the birth of his daughter.

A. was
B. reached
C. got
D. arrived

14. A hot lemon drink with honey is very good ________ a cold.

A. to
B. at
C. with
D. for

15. We ________ going to the concert. The orchestra was marvellous.

A. enjoyed
B. wanted
C. hated
D. decided

16. Our car was badly ________ in the accident.

A. broken
B. injured
C. damaged
D. hurt

17. I ________ you that I had no intention of offending you.

A. convince
B. persuade
C. guarantee
D. assure

18. When I came in he ________ to repair his TV set.

A. tried
B. has been trying
C. tries
D. was trying

19. My doctor will not let me ________ animal fats any more.

A. to eat
B. eating
C. eat
D. to eating

20. The police have issued a full ________ of the murderer.

A. notice
B. information
C. detail
D. description