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Grammar - Level C Test 45

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I have never ________ any experience of living in the country.

A. had
B. wished
C. done
D. made

2. I'm sorry, I haven't got ________ change. Why don't you try the bank?

A. some
B. lots
C. any
D. all

3. Dr Bannister has been on ________ for twenty-four hours without a break.

A. business
B. duty
C. work
D. job

4. Each ________ of the family had to take it in turns to do the washing up.

A. individual
B. character
C. member
D. person

5. Some drivers, after ________, annoy their fellow-motorists by slowing down again immediately.

A. passing by
B. overtaking
C. taking over
D. passing along

6. Did you know that Vanessa is ________ a baby?

A. hoping
B. wishing
C. expecting
D. waiting

7. After closing the envelope, the secretary ________ the stamps on firmly.

A. licked
B. sucked
C. stuck
D. struck

8. If only he ________ told us the truth in the first place, things wouldn't have gone so wrong.

A. had
B. has
C. would have
D. should have

9. Too many footballers these days refuse to ________ the referee's decision.

A. agree
B. accept
C. allow
D. approve

10. The station clock is not as ________ as it should be; it is usually between one and two minutes fast.

A. strict
B. certain
C. true
D. accurate

11. Her husband treated her badly. I'm surprised she ________ it for so long.

A. put up with
B. put off
C. put through
D. put up

12. I am going to have a short rest as I ________ a headache.

A. take
B. have
C. feel
D. suffer

13. ________ ten minutes of the start of the game two players had been sent off.

A. Before
B. Inside
C. Around
D. Within

14. Did anything emerge ________ your discussion?

A. of
B. off
C. from
D. on

15. She showed a lot of ________ in her fight against the illness.

A. discourage
B. courage
C. courageous
D. courageously

16. How do you account ________ this?

A. on
B. for
C. in
D. with

17. It is not long until the exam; you ought to stop ________ so much television and study a bit more.

A. watching
B. of watching
C. to watch
D. and watch

18. Every day the old man's dog goes to the shop to ________ him a newspaper.

A. carry
B. fetch
C. take
D. bring

19. Your behaviour makes me ________.

A. anger
B. angrily
C. angry
D. in danger

20. There were so ________ people in the queue for tickets that I missed the train.

A. many
B. few
C. little
D. much