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Grammar - Level C Test 44

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The doctor gave the patient ________ examination to discover the cause of his collapse.

A. a thorough
B. a universal
C. an exact
D. a whole

2. After the revolution, the people of Haiti ________ revenge on the secret police.

A. made
B. took
C. had
D. brought

3. We had ________ reached the church when we saw everyone leaving.

A. quite
B. enough
C. rather
D. almost

4. I find it difficult to talk to Cecilia because we have so ________ in common.

A. few
B. small
C. little
D. less

5. Please go in. Mr Jones is free ________ you now.

A. see
B. will see
C. to see
D. seeing

6. The coal is mined day ________ night by a system of shift work.

A. through
B. into
C. after
D. and

7. He was unable to ________ his niece's wedding as he was ill.

A. be present
B. visit
C. attend
D. assist

8. As black as ________ = very dirty.

A. the Ace of Spades
B. ink
C. midnight
D. the earth

9. I hope that you have read the contract and understand ________ it means.

A. that
B. how
C. what
D. which

10. Oxfam tries to send food to countries where people are suffering ________ malnutrition.

A. for
B. by
C. from
D. of

11. She's an excellent manager. She runs a really tight ________.

A. deal
B. ship
C. handshake
D. bargain

12. His cheek was very ________ after the wasp stung him.

A. wide
B. swollen
C. thick
D. blown

13. What a lovely dress ________ on.

A. have you
B. you've got
C. have you got
D. do you have

14. The ________ listened attentively to every word the vicar said in his sermon.

A. sightseers
B. congregation
C. spectators
D. audience

15. I doubt ________ the company will make any profit at all this year.

A. when
B. whether
C. since
D. so that

16. ________ down the High Street, Peter bumped into Jenny.

A. On walk
B. As walking
C. Walking
D. Walked

17. I had run out of money but luckily I was able to ________ enough to get home.

A. lend
B. rent
C. loan
D. borrow

18. Never ________, we'll see the film next week.

A. to mind
B. you mind
C. mind you
D. in mind

19. We haven't ________ thought of going abroad for a holiday because my husband is afraid of flying.

A. ever
B. never
C. always
D. yet

20. The pilot said that with one engine of the plane out of action, it had been ________ over the Channel.

A. touch and go
B. start and return
C. touch and break
D. fly and sit