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Grammar - Level C Test 38

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. That dress looks lovely: red really ________ you!

A. likes
B. suits
C. fits
D. pleases

2. Much stricter ________ must now be taken at all airports.

A. precautions
B. alarms
C. warnings
D. protections

3. Though the concert had been enjoyable, it was overly ________ and the three encores seemed ________.

A. extensive...curtailed
B. protracted...gratuitous
C. inaudible...superfluous
D. sublime...fortuitous

4. He invested a lot of money ________ shipping.

A. for
B. on
C. at
D. in

5. Mark will come ________ home quite late.

A. to
B. for
C. back
D. into

6. For this recipe to be successful, you ________ cook the meat for at least two hours in a moderate oven.

A. need
B. must
C. ought
D. will

7. Our plane was ________ for over four hours because of fog.

A. delayed
B. postponed
C. landed
D. cancelled

8. The Government's action caused the rate of inflation to ________ sharply.

A. lift
B. raise
C. advance
D. rise

9. I am not familiar ________ his novels and not very keen on reading them.

A. about
B. with
C. from
D. for

10. He's a wonderful cook: he can make a delicious ________ out of almost anything.

A. flavour
B. food
C. meal
D. plate

11. The child was so noisy that his mother told him not to be such a ________.

A. nuisance
B. trouble
C. bother
D. worry

12. This church was ________ by the famous architect, Archbald Sparrow.

A. outlined
B. designed
C. produced
D. composed

13. I would be thankful ________ any advice you can give me.

A. about
B. on
C. for
D. at

14. The hotel has been built on the ________ of a lake.

A. border
B. boundary
C. edge
D. front

15. It is over a year ________ I visited the dentist.

A. since
B. past
C. yet
D. when

16. The Inspectors' report ________ in its comments on the standard of reading and writing among school leavers.

A. pulls no punches
B. pulls no needles
C. puts no punches
D. gives no punches

17. Jane and Margaret ________ to live next door to each other at one time.

A. had used
B. used
C. were used
D. have used

18. Now that he has retired, he lives partly on his pension and partly on the ________ on his post office savings account.

A. income
B. wages
C. dividend
D. interest

19. Scientists everywhere are trying to ________ a cure for AIDS.

A. conclude
B. invent
C. discover
D. make

20. Two ________ beers, please.

A. icy
B. freezing
C. chilled
D. frozen