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Grammar - Level C Test 36

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I ________ the bell-push several times but there was no-one at home.

A. pulled
B. pressed
C. squeezed
D. knocked

2. I'm really angry with Sue. The next time I see her, I'll give her an ________.

A. rip
B. earful
C. feathers
D. bend

3. As I have been ill, I have had no ________ to discuss the plan.

A. possibility
B. suitability
C. opportunity
D. ability

4. Our car is very old, but I can't ________ to buy a new one.

A. succeed
B. achieve
C. reach
D. afford

5. No, the letter didn't come through the post. It was delivered personally, ________ hand.

A. with
B. from
C. in
D. by

6. He's left his book at home; he's always so ________.

A. forgetting
B. forgotten
C. forgettable
D. forgetful

7. I should be grateful ________ any advice you can give.

A. with
B. about
C. from
D. for

8. Only by shouting very loudly ________ a taxi to stop for her.

A. she got
B. she's got
C. did she get
D. she did get

9. He is not different ________ anyone else.

A. for
B. from
C. of
D. on

10. He was ________ to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table.

A. attracted
B. dragged
C. tempted
D. brought

11. Although we have a large number of students, each one receives ________ attention.

A. individual
B. only
C. alone
D. single

12. The missing climber, who had not been seen or heard of for two days, appeared at the mountain hut ________ and kicking.

A. hale
B. safe
C. alive
D. strong

13. The author had qualified as a doctor but later gave up the ________ of medicine for full-time writing.

A. practice
B. treatment
C. procedure
D. prescription

14. I can't see any easy ________ to this rather complicated problem.

A. result
B. solution
C. reason
D. release

15. If he ________ me to tell it to him, I would do so with pleasure.

A. ask
B. asks
C. asked
D. has asked

16. I thought the way you behaved was ________ outrageous.

A. quite
B. very
C. extremely
D. exceptionally

17. I don't ________ with your decision but I do think that you might have told me last week.

A. displease
B. disagree
C. dislike
D. disregard

18. Even though he was more than sixty he had very few ________ on his face.

A. freckles
B. wrinkles
C. spots
D. dimples

19. I'm sorry, but I like my eggs soft ________, not hard.

A. cooked
B. steamed
C. boiled
D. watered

20. I drew a lot of money ________ the bank yesterday.

A. from
B. in
C. on
D. off