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Grammar - Level C Test 35

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The ________ were told to fasten their seat belts as the plane began its descent.

A. customers
B. riders
C. flyers
D. passengers

2. Newly-________ coins always look clean and shining.

A. moulded
B. minted
C. pressed
D. printed

3. Many people do not approve ________ blood-sport.

A. for
B. to
C. of
D. with

4. Don't touch the cat, he may ________ you.

A. kick
B. tear
C. scream
D. scratch

5. Whether or not to abolish corporal punishment in schools is still ________ in educational circles.

A. bone of contention
B. bone of agreement
C. proposal of contention
D. a bone of contention

6. The blue curtains began to ________ after they had been hanging in the sun for two months.

A. fade
B. die
C. dissolve
D. melt

7. ________ from Tom, all the workers said they would go.

A. Only
B. Except
C. Apart
D. Separate

8. Will the Government be able to ________ all their immense difficulties?

A. defeat
B. overcome
C. dismiss
D. overtake

9. My application for a trading licence was ________.

A. held down
B. let down
C. put down
D. turned down

10. In order to ________ museums and legitimate investors and to facilitate the ________ of pilfered artifacts, art magazines often publish photographs of stolen archaeological treasures.

A. perpetuate... return
B. protect... recovery
C. encourage...excavation
D. undermine...discovery

11. The weather was warm and pleasant with ________ a gentle wind to cool us down.

A. but
B. just
C. almost
D. nearly

12. There was a robbery at the bank, and the police are looking ________ the matter.

A. up to
B. in on
C. into
D. through

13. ________ pleasant it is to sit here in the shade!

A. So
B. What
C. How
D. It's

14. I have difficulty ________ without glasses these days.

A. to read
B. in reading
C. read
D. of reading

15. It should be obvious ________ you that if you persist in bothering him, he will get angry with you.

A. for
B. to
C. at
D. on

16. The cat showed her ________ for the stale fish by turning her back on it.

A. distress
B. disgust
C. disgrace
D. despair

17. When I went to talk to the manager, he told me he could only ________ me a few minutes.

A. provide
B. spare
C. hear
D. let

18. Although his work was often ________ and ________, he was promoted anyway, simply because he had been with the company longer than anyone else.

A. forceful...extraneous
B. negligent...creative
C. incomplete...imprecise
D. predictable...careful

19. When there are small children around, it is better to put breakable ornaments out of ________.

A. reach
B. hand
C. hold
D. place

20. ________ you get to the Red Lion pub you will have to stop and ask for directions.

A. While
B. Where
C. When
D. There