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Grammar - Level C Test 34

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. We'll play tennis and ________ we'll have lunch.

A. then
B. straight away
C. immediately
D. so

2. We had to drive carefully because the road was icy in several ________.

A. blocks
B. places
C. pieces
D. bits

3. He soon received promotion, for his superiors realised that he was a man of considerable ________.

A. ability
B. possibility
C. future
D. opportunity

4. He ________ being given a receipt for the bill he had paid.

A. asked to
B. demanded
C. insisted on
D. required

5. He was in ________ of a large number of men.

A. management
B. leadership
C. charge
D. direction

6. I could never beat Harry at chess; I'm just not in his ________.

A. group
B. class
C. type
D. set

7. Smoking is a very bad habit, which many people find difficult to ________.

A. break
B. beat
C. breathe
D. cough

8. We ________ to go to the concert, but we ran out of time and so, we didn't go.

A. would go
B. were to go
C. were to have gone
D. were gone

9. All my handbags ________ of leather.

A. had been made
B. will have been made
C. are made
D. being made

10. After the death of her mother, Diana was brought ________ by her aunt.

A. round
B. about
C. up
D. in

11. What ________ will this decision have on the future of the club?

A. result
B. effect
C. answer
D. purpose

12. Everyone shared ________ his happiness.

A. on
B. in
C. at
D. against

13. We have no ________ in our files of your recent letter to the tax office.

A. account
B. memory
C. list
D. record

14. The working atmosphere has gone downhill since you joined. You have a lot to ________ for.

A. agree
B. abide
C. attribute
D. answer

15. Even though he was often cruel to his dog, it remained faithful ________ him.

A. for
B. to
C. at
D. in

16. I separated them ________ each other because they were fighting.

A. against
B. of
C. off
D. from

17. Parking ________! By order.

A. prohibited
B. stopped
C. prevented
D. denied

18. I'm afraid Grandfather's writing is becoming more and more ________.

A. illegible
B. illiterate
C. eligible
D. incoherent

19. In order to ________ the deadline for submitting the research paper, the student tried to ________ additional time from the professor.

A. extend...wheedle
B. accelerate...obtain
C. postpone...forego
D. sustain...imagine

20. Do you know ________ you call this in England?

A. how
B. what
C. which
D. as