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Grammar - Level C Test 33

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The air in the house felt cold and ________ after weeks of bad weather.

A. wet
B. moist
C. damp
D. watery

2. ________ goes the bus; now we will have to walk!

A. On time
B. At once
C. There
D. Early

3. The customer, who was shouting at the top of his voice, ________ his money back.

A. appealed
B. asked
C. requested
D. demanded

4. I couldn't resist having another slice of cake even ________ I was supposed to be losing weight.

A. although
B. however
C. otherwise
D. though

5. Shall I use this ________ to fry the eggs?

A. pan
B. kettle
C. dish
D. tin

6. The president ________ his intention to retire before the next election.

A. announced
B. told
C. informed
D. promised

7. When are you going to give back that money you ________ me?

A. lend
B. owe
C. borrow
D. debt

8. Look, Officer, I am not drunk. I am as ________ as a judge.

A. calm
B. steady
C. clear
D. sober

9. No thanks, I won't have another chocolate: I'm trying to ________ weight.

A. rid
B. drop
C. lose
D. throw

10. Last time his teacher brougt him some books ________ art.

A. with
B. for
C. on
D. of

11. Simon tried harder than ________, but I'm afraid he failed the test yet again.

A. always
B. ever
C. never
D. better

12. If you've got a ________ of cards, I'll show you some tricks.

A. packet
B. collection
C. pack
D. set

13. I like current affairs programmes that aren't afraid to tackle ________ subjects.

A. concurrent
B. controversial
C. consecutive
D. contradictary

14. What he told me was a ________ of lies.

A. pack
B. load
C. mob
D. flock

15. This meat isn't suitable ________.

A. the grill
B. to grilling
C. for grilling
D. being grilled

16. A railway bridge is already ________ over the river.

A. been erected
B. erecting
C. in construction
D. being built

17. He couldn't make the radio ________.

A. to work
B. working
C. worked
D. work

18. The continents have been drifting slowly ________.

A. away
B. apart
C. afar
D. far

19. The colour of the handle does not ________ so long as it is the right size.

A. worry
B. affect
C. concern
D. matter

20. She wanted to borrow the record from me but she was shy ________ asking.

A. of
B. with
C. to
D. for