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Grammar - Level C Test 32

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I'm afraid I can't come to dinner on Wednesday. Could we put it ________ until next week?

A. up
B. on
C. away
D. off

2. Didn't it ever ________ to them that they would be punished?

A. occur
B. happen
C. enter
D. strike

3. The President made a wonderful ________.

A. message
B. talk
C. lecture
D. speech

4. It always ________ me as odd that he should go off to work so late in the day.

A. struck
B. hit
C. knocked
D. smacked

5. I could ________ a note of panic in his voice.

A. desist
B. detect
C. detest
D. deter

6. "Keep ________ the good work," the teacher told the students, "and you'll all pass the exam".

A. on
B. up
C. with
D. to

7. Would you mind if I ________ the window?

A. were opening
B. was open
C. opened
D. did open

8. As soon as the firebell rang everyone walked quickly downstairs and out of the building, ________ gathered in the car park.

A. while
B. then
C. before
D. to

9. Would you mind ________ these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?

A. making
B. doing
C. getting
D. giving

10. After his long absence from school he found it difficult to ________ up with the rest of his class.

A. catch
B. take
C. make
D. work

11. ________ he had no money for a bus, he had to walk all the way home.

A. For
B. Thus
C. So
D. As

12. We must economize ________ fuel.

A. with
B. from
C. on
D. in

13. I ________ milk chocolate to plain chocolate.

A. 'd better
B. want
C. like
D. prefer

14. As there was no transport of any kind, he had to make the journey ________ foot.

A. by
B. on
C. with
D. at

15. He thinks he is really important but he is only really a big ________ in a small pond.

A. pack
B. market
C. shots
D. fish

16. I didn't realize everyone was going to wear formal clothes and I felt ________ in my jeans and jumper.

A. insulted
B. annoyed
C. offended
D. embarrassed

17. He said that the plane had already left and that I ________ arrived an hour earlier.

A. should have
B. had to
C. must have
D. was supposed to

18. We very much ________ that you will come to dinner next Friday.

A. wish
B. want
C. like
D. hope

19. I am not a serious investor, but I like to ________ in the stock market.

A. splash
B. splatter
C. paddle
D. dabble

20. Teresa's father began to lose his ________ when he was in his sixties.

A. view
B. sight
C. look
D. vision