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Grammar - Level C Test 31

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Wait ________ you get home before you unpack your parcel.

A. to
B. until
C. when
D. after

2. The internship in a psychiatric ward ________ for the rest of his life.

A. had an influence on him
B. had influence on him
C. had influence over him
D. had an influence at him

3. As brown as ________ = having a tanned skin after sunbathing.

A. dust
B. chocolate
C. a berry
D. a beetle

4. He comes ________ drawing lessons twice a week.

A. for
B. on
C. to
D. at

5. The ball ________ two or three times before rolling down the slope.

A. bounced
B. sprang
C. leapt
D. hopped

6. When you come tomorrow why not ________ your brother with you?

A. fetch
B. take
C. bring
D. carry

7. ________ you leave for the station very soon, you'll miss the train.

A. Unless
B. Although
C. However
D. When

8. The Bolshoi Ballet Company ________ London ________.

A. has surprise
B. has storm
C. has brought....down
D. has art

9. - Stewart: Let's go and have lunch. - Herbert: I mustn't stop ________ on this for another ten minutes.

A. to be working
B. to work
C. to have work
D. working

10. Too many undergraduates think it is easy to ________ a job once they leave university. Unfortunately, jobs for graduates are getting scare. Finding a suitable one is another problem.

A. obtain
B. attain
C. collect
D. apply

11. I had to give a full ________ of my camera when I reported it stolen.

A. account
B. detail
C. information
D. description

12. Mr Handforth could have continued working until he was 65, but he decided to ________ early.

A. resign
B. withdraw
C. retire
D. retreat

13. If you hear the baby ________, please tell me.

A. cry
B. say
C. shout
D. weep

14. She ________ have rushed to the airport like that. The plane was delayed by several hours.

A. needn't
B. mustn't
C. couldn't
D. wouldn't

15. Try to write your figures clearly, the way Anne ________.

A. makes
B. does
C. puts
D. figures

16. The burglar ________ to open a window at the back of the house.

A. succeeded
B. managed
C. forced
D. discovered

17. We meet for lunch ________ every Friday.

A. hourly
B. at the same time
C. up to date
D. in good time

18. I wrote to the company ________ them for a catalogue

A. demanding
B. asking
C. enquiring
D. applying

19. The only feature ________ to these two flowers is their preference for sandy soil.

A. similar
B. same
C. shared
D. common

20. My brother is a parachute ________.

A. trainer
B. teacher
C. educator
D. instructor