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Grammar - Level C Test 28

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I would like to offer a small ________ to anyone who finds my missing dog.

A. receipt
B. repayment
C. expense
D. reward

2. The Prime Minister has ________ to win the last three General Elections.

A. managed
B. succeeded
C. achieved
D. attained

3. ________, they didn't laugh at me.

A. To my surprise
B. For my surprise
C. As to surprise me
D. At my surprise

4. Try to remember ________ bring your umbrella.

A. yourself to
B. me to
C. to yourself to
D. to

5. This is a photograph of the school I ________ when I lived in Swindon.

A. used
B. assisted
C. joined
D. attended

6. On our ________ to France, the car broke down twice.

A. going
B. way
C. voyage
D. road

7. I can ________ with most things but I cannot stand noisy children.

A. put aside
B. put on
C. put up
D. put off

8. You demand too much of him; he is not really equal ________ the task.

A. for
B. at
C. with
D. to

9. The relationship that matters most in the life of a ________ is the one between him and his constituency party.

A. captain
B. politician
C. manager
D. judge

10. We felt sorry ________ Sarah when she lost her job at the chemist's.

A. with
B. about
C. for
D. to

11. There are ________ people who always cause trouble.

A. these
B. some
C. any
D. that

12. They've spent so much money that they're ________ debt.

A. with
B. out of
C. in
D. of

13. The poor man had fallen ________ in front of a bus.

A. in full
B. full length
C. in full cry
D. at full tilt

14. - Harvey: I think I'm well enough to get back to work. - Gladys: Not really. You ________ stay at home for another day or so.

A. should better
B. had better
C. would better
D. can better

15. I shouldn't imagine there is ________ on earth who can answer that question.

A. no one
B. somebody
C. some persons
D. anyone

16. - Sidney: Shall we stay at home or go for a walk? - Margot: Which ________ do yourself?

A. do you rather
B. will you rather
C. would you rather
D. did you rather

17. His car was ________ in the accident.

A. harmed
B. injured
C. damaged
D. hurt

18. As the waiter crossed the restaurant, he ________ over someone's foot and dropped his tray.

A. slipped
B. tripped
C. knocked
D. swept

19. I wouldn't have been ill if I ________ on that trip.

A. don't go
B. hadn't gone
C. weren't going
D. haven't gone

20. She was ________ out of 115 applicants for the position of Managing Director.

A. short-changed
B. short-listed
C. short-sighted
D. short- handed